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Tubular Lock Pick Set

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SouthOrd LP-TPXA-78 Adjustable Tubular Manipulation Lock Pick Set

Tubular locks are commonly found on vending machines, gun safes, cash boxes and other sensitive storage units. What to do if you lose the key to your gun safe or need to replenish the vending machine, but even if your life depended on it, you can't find that odd shape key? The TPXA-78 will come to your aid! These adjustable tubular lock picks will make it easy for you to gain immediate access to your possessions.

Sure, you can try picking the lock with conventional picks, but that will take a long time unless you are a seasoned professional. On the other hand, if you are a professional; you know that tubular picks are the way to go for a fast and easy fix. The TPXA-78 kit comes with both 7 and 8 pin tubular picks. They allow adjustment of picking needle pressure, which lets you use them even with higher spring pressure tubular locks. A comfortable rubber grip provides a precise touch and since you get both the 7 and the 8 pin tubular lock picks, you are covered for pretty much any tubular lock you will encounter.

Here is a little more info for those that are looking at recreational use or learning the trade: tubular lock picks are basically a standard pin tumbler lock, just configured into a circular pattern instead of inline. The key in a tubular lock has half cylinder indentations with specific heights. This makes key duplication a little less common as it will require different machinery than a regular key.

The most popular tubular lock picks are the 7 and 8 pins, where as the 6 and 10 pins are way less common. Each needle of the pick will correspond to a pin stack. The needles are held under pressure with a rotating collar. Finally, the washer by the handle allows resetting. Now that you get how it works, pair this pick with a good book or video and you are on your way to locksmithing the right way!

Tubular Pick Features:

  • 7 and 8 pin tubular locks included - most common
  • Adjustable tubular manipulation
  • Comfort rubber grip
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Slip resistant rubber grip
  • Adjustable tubular manipulation
  • USA Made

Tubular Lock Pick Set Includes:

  • 1 seven pin tubular pick
  • 1 eight pin tubular pick


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  • i need a replacement part for a tpxa-7

    Thank you for reaching out. 
    We do not offer parts for lock picking items. Please contact the lock picking tool manufacturer for spare parts and replacement parts.