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Whispering Death : Secrets Of Improvised And State-Of-The-Art Silencers VHS - CLEARANCE ITEM

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VHS-Whispering Death : Secrets Of Improvised And State-Of-The-Art Silencers

Whispering Death features real-time sound-level tests of professional suppressors on everything from .22 pistols to AK-47s and covers the ins and outs of commercial silencers: price, availability, legality and effectiveness. Learn about "packed" superquiet designs and how they are made, mail-order "kit" silencers that outperform many of their professional counterparts, how to purchase or manufacture subsonic ammo that beats the ballistic barrier and the $2 improvised silencer that holds its own with $400 gunshop versions. Incudes BATF silencer registration forms. for academic study only. Videos are nonreturnable; defective tapes will be replaced.

A Paladin Press video. Color Movie. Running time: ~40 Minutes


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