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Lockpicking School in a Box

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SouthOrd Lockpicking School in a Box Locksmith Training

The SouthOrd Lockpicking Training Tool features everything you need to learn to pick locks. Included are 5 lock cylinders, 4 lock picks, 1 tension tool, 1 table-top stand, and 1 easy to use instructional book.
When people hear that someone wants to learn to lockpick, it can often invoke a negative connotation. However, having the ability to get into a locked building or vehicle can be beneficial in a number of scenarios, and knowing how to lock pick and possessing the right locksmith supplies is an excellent position to be in. We offer both the tools and materials to give anyone quick access to inaccessible areas.

Our all-in-one training kit takes you through the process of how to pick a lock, and it reveals the inner working of typical locks to help you understand the mechanics of the process. Designed for beginners, Lock Picking in a Box can help anyone learn to pick locks at their own pace. Using a unique method in which positive reinforcement is key, you will find yourself picking up the art and having fun. When you complete the training, you will be able to tackle anything from a one pin lock to standard five pin lock.


  • Progressive Learning System
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Training Aid Includes Various Levels 
  • Tumbler Locks Ideal for trying and testing new picks

Technical Specifications:

  • Progressive Learning System for Locksmithing and Lock Picking of Pin Tumbler Cylinder Locks.
  • 5 Lock Cylinders
  • Wood table top stand
  • Guided instructions


  • 5 Lock Cylinders
  • 4 Lock Picks
  • 1 Tension Tool
  • 1 Table-top Stand
  • 1 Instructional Book - Easy Pickings


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