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Microphones come in many ways

Microphones have evolved in many incredible and outright creative ways! There are times when you need an old fashion microphone with a mini plug. Say, you are adding audio to your surveillance system or recording conversations in a large room. However, there are times when discretion and form factor don't match up. Browse for an all inclusive set of options no matter your application.

Hidden Audio Recorders for Every Situation

Worried about infidelity? How about a baby sitter who you suspect to be doing more than just playing games? Are you verbally abused and harassed by your boss or coworkers? Maybe you are concerned about the level of care your elderly loved ones are receiving.

Our spy audio recorder devices come in a variety of styles and some are even disguised as common household items. One of our most popular choices is the spy pen audio recorder – a pen that will record up to 9 hours of audio and can be placed anywhere.

Telephone Spy Recorders

Need to record telephone conversations? Checkout the telephone voice recorders shown here; they will collect the evidence needed to make secure judgments or gather necessary evidence.