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Easy WiFi Voice Recorder with Live Monitoring from your phone

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Introducing the Wi-Fi Audio Recorder: A Powerful and Compact Security Device

The Wi-Fi Audio Recorder is a remarkable audio surveillance device designed for optimal security and convenience. With its tiny size and impressive features, this device ensures high-quality audio recording without relying on costly SIM card transmission. By utilizing a Wi-Fi connection, it eliminates monthly costs while providing seamless connectivity.

Featuring three modes, including two power-saving options for extended standby use, this audio recorder is versatile and efficient. Let's explore its capabilities:

Real-Time Audio Monitoring and Security Recording
Experience live-time audio monitoring day and night, allowing you to stay connected and informed. Set the desired sensitivity level, and the device will record relevant audio information, sending push notifications directly to your mobile device for enhanced security.

Exceptional Recording Performance and Fidelity
Enjoy excellent recording quality and fidelity, ensuring crystal-clear playback. With cycle recording and the ability to work while charging, this audio recorder guarantees reliable and continuous operation.


Key Features at a Glance:

  • Size: 10x30x60mm
  • Convenient Live Audio Monitoring and Alarm Notifications
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity (No SIM Card Required)
  • No Monthly Costs
  • Low Power Consumption for Extended Standby Use
  • Quick and Easy Bluetooth Pairing (No Compatibility Issues)
  • Remote Audio File Download to Mobile Phone from SD Card or Cloud Storage
  • Three Working Modes: Continued and 2 voice activated options

Wifi Voice Recorder Specification:

  • Maximum Support: 128GB micro SD card
  • Audio File Size: 1MB/Min.
  • Audio Record Range: Approximately 5 meters
  • Charging Time: Around 3-4 hours
  • Continuous Record Mode Working Time: Approximately 6-7 hours
  • Power Saving Mode A Standby Time: Around 14 days
  • Power Saving Mode B Standby Time: Around 20 days
Upgrade your audio surveillance with the Wi-Fi Audio Recorder, a compact and feature-rich device that ensures peace of mind and reliable recording capabilities. Explore its impressive functionality today!

In the Box:

  • 1 Voice recorder with 64GB memory card installed
  • 1 Charging cable
  • 1 Memory card reader
  • E-Manual


Ask a Question
  • What are the dimensions? Does the charging cable connect to 5V (i.e., USB), 12V, or wall outlet (120/240V)?

    Thanks for reaching out! This voice recorder is a 5V unit with a USB port. It includes a USB cable so you can use a cube to plug to an outlet anywhere around the world. 
    The physical approximate dimensions are: 2x1x0.5 inches.

  • Can i stream the live audio from this device to my smartphone? In other words, if i want to hear in real time what my kids are saying while I'm at work, will this device support that functionality?

    Hello there! The answer is yes. Please note that you need to have wifi at home in order to operate and remote access the live sound monitoring device.

  • Is this 5g capable? If found is it easily accessed? Mac compatible?

    Thanks for asking! This remote listening device is not 5G compatible. You will need to use the standard 2.4 band in order to connect to your wifi. The App is found in the apple store. While it is meant for mobile device use, many MAC users can easily download the app and run it from the MACs.