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Mobile Phone & Tablet Card Reader & Storage 4-in-1

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Mobile Phone & Tablet Card Reader & Storage

Ever wish you could just get a little more memory on your mobile device? Our moble memory card reader works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Google, PC and Mac. (works with more, but you get the idea).

These little wonders turn your mobile device into a fully capable mini computer, so you can review your camera's video and much more.

Remember the time when you were on vacation and the perfect picture shot was right in front of you and when you clicked the camera shutter, it wouldn't take the picture because the phone's memory was full?

Or how about that time when you needed to see the contents of a memory card, but you did not have a computer?

  • Compatible with Android and Apple Mobile Devices
  • OTC function - Read and manage memory cards even in Apple devices!
  • External memory expansion for your mobile device
  • FREE App included - Easy to use
  • Compact design - Portable

It's happened to us too! So we set our little spies in motion and they found the perfect companion for your phone, tablet and even your desktop computer. This pocket size card reader is not only super compact, but is sleek in design and packed with so many features it will become your go to accessory.

With this easy to use external reader you can easily move files, pictures, videos, and more from your phone to it and quickly expand your iPhone's memory or safely transfer less frequently used files so you can load up more of the the stuff you really want.

 If you are like many of us, you have tons of stuff that quickly eat up your cloud storage, leaving you with two options: 1) delete some precious memories to make room or 2) pay more money to expand your cloud allowance. We think that is ridiculous! Keep your memories - all of them! Just select the files you want to transfer and with just a few clicks you can back up photos, videos, and even your contact list right on to this mobile iFlashDrive.

A FREE app is readily available at the app store and you can seamlessly and securely do a quick contact back up, transfer photos and videos, and manage files on the go.

Another great way to use this wonderful mobile gadget is to use it as a memory card reader. Just plug the iFlashDrive in the lighting port and now you read any data from a microSD (TF) card or an SD memory card. Some of our customers have a hard time accessing a computer (some just don't have one and some just want to stay off the grid when doing their spying!), so what they are doing is they are playing the videos from their hidden cameras on their phones using this mobile card reader... genius!

We have tried it ourselves and it works perfectly. You can put any movie or audio file in the card and simply use the app to open the file. You can play it, delete it or store it for later review! You can also easily transfer files, documents, pictures and video from phone to tablet to computer or any combination you want.

Compatible with Apple devices using the 8 pin lightning connector, any Android devices using micro OTG plug and any device with a USB port or Type C USB (like Mac and Samsung devices).

If you work on the go, you will love the flexibility this external drive will bring to your presentations and well... to your life! Have all your resources available in your pocket. Brochures, video presentations, power point presentations, proposals in word or excel formats and more are just as easily accessible.

You will not only impress your client and your boss; but you will be so efficient you will have time to spare and treat yourself to some me time after a hard day at work, because you don't have follow up emails to send. You had all your supporting material with you and now you can chillax!

iFlashDrive Card Reader/writer Features:

  • Reads cards up to 128GB large!
  • Compatible with Apple, Android and Desktop computers
  • Ultra compact design - Sleek and Pocket sized
  • Reliable file transfer
  • FREE app
  • Easy file management between devices
  • Play, transfer, delete or back up almost any file
  • Expand your device's memory capacity

Mobile Phone & Tablet Card Reader & Storage Specifications:

  • Free app from store for communication between your devices and i-flash drive
  • File management, music play and contact backup are fully built-in
  • External memory expansion for ipad/iphone/ipod touch
  • Secured file encryption for private files
  • Manage all your data directly on the ISO-device
  • Playback video/music directly from external list
  • Document viewer for all major file formats
  • Voice recorder/Text editor
  • Dropbox support
  • Color: White
  • USB speed: 2.0
  • 8 pin Lightning connector
  • Micro USB Connector (OTG)
  • TF MicroSD and SD memory card reader
  • Compatible with Windows 98 or newer
  • Compatible with Mac
  • LED BUS activity monitoring
  • Compatibility with: For iPhone5/5S/5C;iPad4/Air/Mini/Mini 2;iPOD Touch5/iPhone6/iPad6 for all android phones with micro-USB port.
  • Supports: SD & MMC (simultaneous use not supported - memory card not included)
  • Compatible with 40 different file formats - including: PDF, TXT, PPT, DOC, XLS, HTML, Pages, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, AVi, MP4, MOV, MP3, WAV.



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