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High Performance TF MicroSD Memory Card Class 10 and UHS-I


  • $ 3850

High Performance TF MicroSD Cards Class 10 and U-I

When you want crisp video and audio recordings, you need to look beyond the camera, microphone or recorder you are using. The right memory card will ensure reliable performance and durability.

These memory cards are suitable for digital cameras, cellphones, GPS devices, MP3 players, PDAs, all of our digital media recorders and cameras and even 4K cameras!

Fully supported by Windows and Mac devices, you can simply plug and play, store files, images, videos, recordings, and pretty much anything on these TF MicroSD Cards. 

    If you don't have a built-in card reader in your computer or you need the ability to easily access your files from any computer (office, school, etc) just add the compact card reader.

    Our memory cards are class 10 or UHS-I, which provide high quality and higher performance for your electronics, including 4K video recordings. They are adequate for high impact recording (such as with mobile cameras, dash cams, and action cameras). Sure they cost more, but they are worth it. Still think class is not important? Wrong! Class is a factor of quality and performance, so important, some devices will only perform properly when using class 10 cards. Don't chance it!

    Benefits of microsDHC USH-I cards:

    • Better performance in extreme temperature conditions - use anywhere
    • Waterproof and shockproof - go anywhere
    • X-Ray proof - travel without worry about checkpoints
    • Faster processing speeds - take more videos or pictures faster!

    When selecting a card size from the menu, be sure to check your device's maximum capacity. The card might not read in your device if you choose a size that is larger than it can support.