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Faraday Bags - Block GPS - Bluetooth - Wifi - RFID and Protect KeyFobs

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Effectively Bloc GPS - Bluetooth - Wi-Fi - RFID and Protect Key Fobs

Ready for the ultimate privacy gadget? These handy and stylish bags are a must for those looking for extra safety and some privacy. Block GPS - Bluetooth - Wifi - RFID and Protect KeyFobs. Don't get hacked!

many convenience devices today are constantly creating access points that criminals and nosy people can exploit. These bags allow to create a buffer between convenience while keeping things functional and you protected when needed.

Keyless entry devices are programmed to access your vehicle. Without one of our bags you are constantly broadcasting this signal and some people are ready to listen and steel your codes. Our keyfob faraday bag blocks the signal when closed, thus keeping your valued vehicle safe from unwanted access.

Use our phone and tablet bags to go DARK! Having a meeting that must remain confidential? or perhaps discussing ground breaking confidential information? Then you need the protection of our bags.

Place your phone and tablet in the bag to block all access from remote spyware that exploits your GPS location, Bluetooth connection, wi-fi connection, and even RFID chips on your credit cards and access control cards.


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