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Phone Tap Detector - CLEARANCE

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RF Signal & Phone Tap Detector

Detect phone taps and radio frequency transmissions all in one with the AI-5500 electronic bug detector. In addition, it includes a white noise generator that masks out the transmissions from room bugs and body wires. Once it detects a transmission, this RF detector alerts you with an audible squeal.

With this phone tap detector, you can make private calls without the worry of someone listening to your conversation. Whether it be series taps, parallel taps, or extension party eavesdroppers, the Ai-5500 alerts you with LED indicators on the front face, giving you time to hang up or acknowledge the tapping.

Whether you want a phone tap detector or an RF detector, you get it all with the AI-5500 Complete Security System. It generates white noise in up to 100 square feet of space, making it impossible to filter for third parties. When you want to have a private conversation either by phone or up close, this spy bug detector makes a worthy investment. 

Phone Bug Detector Features:

  • Detect any AM, FM, and UHF body-wire, room transmitter, or infinity bugs
  • Cover transmissions in the range of 1 to 2000 Mhz
  • Detect any series and parallel tap in your phone, phone jack, phone line, d-mark point, out on the pole, and in the transformer box
  • Detect any extension telephone eavesdropper
  • Mask the transmission of detected body-wires - make it impossible for others to hear
  • Defeat room bugs, and infinity transmitters by generating an impossible to filter "white noise".

Technical Phone Tap Detector Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4 inches x 8 inches x 1.25 inches
  • Power: AC Adapter (included), Phone Line
  • Compatible with single line phones
  • For use with analog phone lines
  • Not recommended for phones with multiple handsets and only 1 base.
  • Made in the USA


Ask a Question
  • Does this work on all landline phones, wired and wireless with same phone number? Do I connect it to the wired phone and will it also keep the cordless phones from the wiretap being used and conceal the conversations being listened to?

    The phone tap detector will work on landline phones that are analog only. It scans the phoneline wiring and the phone that it is connected to.

  • Does this work with cellphones also?

    Hi Kris, thanks for asking. This phone tap detector is not intended for cellphone use. It is designed for analog landlines only.