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4G GPS Smart Watch Camera for Kids - SOS - Remote Microphone

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4G No Bullying Watch - GPS Smart Watch

School can be an awesome life experience or total devastation, setting the pace for a lifetime of great memories or traumatic experiences. Unlike previous generations; when kids today get teased or worse bullied in school, they have a greater danger to deal with. Why? Electronics and the internet.

This awesome technology that makes everything easier allows bullying to infect every living second on every device your child interacts with and makes everything public on the web with a simple click! 

We at SpySite are parents too, and because we love our children and want to keep them safe; we believe you will want the same. Our Smart Watch Camera GPS is a fabulous solution and a preventative bully-proofing measure for parents. Nothing can trump good parenting that gives kids the correct advice on how to deal with difficult situations, but a parent doesn't always get the real story. With this Smart Watch Child Protection System, now you can.

Here is what the SpySite Smart Watch Camera GPS will do for you:

  • Allows you to remotely and discretely listen in to the surroundings of the watch. Now you can listen in live anytime and from anywhere without disturbing your child or his/her current activity.
  • You can find the location of your child, set geofences and even view previous historical tracking reports.

Now, this Smart watch for kids is a real smart watch, so it can do much more than that! Here are some other nifty features included with the SpySite Smart Watch Camera GPS

  • Program an SOS phone number for emergencies. Teach your kid to use this feature in the event of an emergency, should a trusted adult not be available. 
  • Fitness band functionality: Track steps, calories, and even sleep habits for your child.
  • Send reward messages to your child. Studies prove positive reward systems have a major influence in ensuring desired behavior is repeated.
  • Add their class schedule and teach your kids time management. A wonderful tool that we could all use more of!
  • Send voice or text messages to your child and receive voice messages from them at any time. A great way to keep in touch with them.
  • Math practice APP game already loaded in watch! This is a fun way to practice math facts anywhere. You might just find your little one doing it all on their own! 
  • Flashlight function, for those nights when reading under the blanket or telling silly stories needs a little shine.

Our Smart Watch for kids has so many other features too!

  • Take remote still images using the watch's camera, then see them in the APP.
  • Restricted calling: Keep a tight lid on who your child can call and who can call your child. This is a fully functional phone if you want it to be. Add up to 10 contacts of your choosing and give your child the flexibility to stay in touch with family and friends.
  • Keep your child's focus: Set Do NOT Disturb times to ensure no calls or distracting messages are received. This way when your kid is at school and a friend calls, your child and the class wont be distracted when the watch rings!
  • Get notifications right to your phone when the SOS button is pressed or when the smart watch camera is running out of battery.

Have multiple kids? The free APP lets you easily manage each kid separately. You will need cellphone service for each watch, SIM card is not included. (voice, text and data service are required for full functionality)

Available in 2 different colors, the GPS watch is fun to wear and even older kids will want to wear it. 

See what the GPS Watch can do:

 SOS button: Just like schools practice fire drills, you can empower your child to call for help if he or she feels threatened. a simple push of the SOS button calls for help to a programmed number allowing you to take necessary action right away.
Geofencing: Drop off your kid to school or playdate, then set up a virtual perimeter using the APP. If your child leaves the set zone you immediately get notified.

Phone Call Management: Provide up to 10 allowed phone numbers your child can reach at the push of a button. This allows your child to easily communicate with family members even when they are too young to memorize phone numbers. Call restriction is the best way to allow a young child to have a communication method. You can rest easy because your child wont be getting promotional texts or calls from strangers.

Remote Monitor: a powerful microphone activation can be accessed remotely from anywhere. Listen to everything in the surroundings of the smart watch camera. This tool can prove invaluable if your child is being bullied and more so if your child is ever abducted!

Fitness Manager: Keep your child healthy too! track steps taken, calories burned and even sleep turn over. Fight obesity in a fun and easy way. 

Advanced Positioning: Utilizing four tier positioning technology the child GPS watch tracker offers great GPS positioning in various environments.

Historical Archive: Access months of tracking history.

GPS Tracking Smart Watch Technical Specifications:

  • Languages Supported: English, Spanish, French (Up to 30 different languages are supported)
  • Frequency: GSM 1900MHz 4G
  • Positioning: GPS, 4G, WiFi, LBS
  • GPS Positioning accuracy: 30M
  • GSM Positioning accuracy: 100-1500M
  • Battery Capacity: 650mA
  • Screen Size: 1.54" 320x320 

Tracking Watch Service - Compatible with ATT and RedPocket GSMA prepaid plans

Please note, this watch is not compatible with Asia or European carriers. Works anywhere in the Americas where GSMA network is available.

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    Ask a Question
    • When will this be available again

      Hi there! The GPS Child Locator Watch is a fast mover. Stock is currently available, but don't delay.

    • I recently but this watch but I do not know how to activate the remote listening How do I remotely listen in to the watch?

      Thanks for reaching out with your question. Depending on which model of our GPS Child Tracking Watches you purchased the process may vary. Call 845-371-0000 with your order number handy so we can locate your order and provide you with step by step instructions on how to do this.

    • When will this phone be available in blue? Do you need phone service for this to work?

      Great question! We are discontinuing this model, however we do have another watch the Child Safety 4G Smart Watch. This watch does need phone servce, however you can sign up for the service contract through us.

    • Are you able to load other games

      Great question! Unfortunately you cannot download other games onto the GPS kids watch.

    • I know with the watch your able to remotely listen in but does this have a constant record feature as well? If so how long can it record and what does the watch face show when recording both live and continuously??

      The watch does not have a live video feed feature as that would drastically drain the battery, the only way to see is via the still pictures. 
      It is still a great product for children that gives parents peace of mind thanks to all of the other good features.

      If you have any more questions feel free to contact us.

    • Is it also possible to remotely see surroundings through video aside from listening ? Also is there video chat with your child?

      You can take still pictures and then see them on the app and as for video chat you can use wechat and you can also call them or send messages and voice messages. It's worked for most parents. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

    • What is properly assembled for water resistant?

      Thank you for asking this question and reaching out. The kids GPS tracking watch is water resistant when properly assembled. This means, the water barrier is in place (located under the SIM port) and all screws are properly inserted and tightened after SIM card installation.

    • When you activate the microphone or camera does any light show on watch or does it make any sounds? How many photos can it take?

      Thank you for reaching out and asking questions about our GPS Tracking Watch. When you activate the microphone as a silent session, the watch will not provide any indication. You can discretely listen live remote without any lights or sounds!

      When it comes to taking still shots you can take as many as you want. Eventually the APP will recycle space to reduce load time, but that normally takes a great number of images before it happens.

    • hello I'm a mother a have a question so the watch record video and audio too how good is it

      Hello and Thank you for Browsing and your question. This 4G GPS Smart Watch Live listening clandestine microphone with camera and SOS watch does not record audio or video. It will allow for remote picture taking and for live listening via your phone of choice. If you need to record what you are hearing I would suggest either making the call on Speakerphone or on a Bluetooth speaker and using a seperate room recorder device or a device that records cell phone calls either directly or through bluetooth depending on the model of phone you use. If you have any more questions etc. please let us know.

    • Hello, what are your working hours to call, i have some technical questions about the watch. What is the tech support number ? My boy goes to day care place and there they took his watch off and were able to shut it down, does this mean the owner of day care place could have installed an app on her phone "SeTracker", or "SeTracker2" then register with their own email and password and take a picture on the back of the watch (meaning REG CODE on the back) , is that possible, or only one registration is allowed for this watch? I did however installed an app on my wife phone and i did the same for i have done on my phone but i could not start the SeTracker App on her phone, message was something about authorisation required and my email address, so my question is how could she was able to shut down the device since only it can be shut down remotely from an app??? I may have other questions later, thanks in advance.

      Hello and Thank you very much for your order from of this 4G, GPS Tracking, Smart Watch with clandestine audio listening and photo taking. The watch can be shutdown from the watch itself inside the menu. Go to Settings and then other about and shutdown is the last option listed at the bottom of the menu. Be careful as reset (which does a reboot) is immediately above it in the menu and can be easily selected unintentionally. As for registering, if someone attempts to register it after the initial set-up the originally registered person must authorize another user or users. Our Support number is 845-371-0000 and we are available 12pm - 6pm Monday through Saturday EST. If you have any further questions etc. please let us know.

    • If i can listen to surrounding of my child it is great but if i do make any noise or sound on my end, does the watch produce any sound? Sometimes even if i make any sound i want watch to be silent , so that other people including child will not hear my sound . Write back, thanks

      Thank you so much for your question. This 4G GPS Smart Watch, Camera, listening/2 way talk and GPS tracker watch will not broadcast any sounds you make over to the watch unless you actively record something seperately and send it to the watch. While you are listening it will not transmit any sound to the watch and you can even set it to silently pick up your call so no one is aware you are listening. If you have nay further questons please let us know

    • Hello. Does this have an iPhone app? If it does. Can you please provide the name or link. So that I can read up on it.

      Thank you so much for your question and Thank you for browsing Yes, this 4G GPS Tracking, Smart watch, camera and live listening/2 way talk watch does use an app available on both iphone and google phones. The App name is SeTracker2. If you have any further questions etc. please let us know.

    • This watch is water resistabt write?

      Thank you very much for your question and Thank you for browsing Yes, this 4G GPS Tracking, Smart watch, camera, live listening, 2 way talk, SOS call, kids watch is water resistant when properly assembled etc. If you have any further questions etc. please let us know.

    • My kid does not like the wristband with the stars,will other wristband fit to the watch?I really want to purchase it asap.thanx

      Hello and Thank you for your question. Yes, this 4G GPS Smart Watch Camera for Kids with SOS and Remote Microphone will fit other wrist bands. They are removable to allow more customization of this Kids GPS Unit. 

    • Why the SIM card is not with it an were would I get one

      Thank you for asking about this! The SIM card is not included with the watch tracker to allow users to choose the carrier that best works for them. We recommend using TMobile while in the USA, however other networks are compatible and there are many other options that are used by customers outside the USA. If you are using the child tracker in the USA we recommend you start with a prepaid plan, to ensure you have flexibility and understand the cellualr service features you really need as well as your specific data consumption requirements before committing to cellular carrier long term agreements.