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4G GPS Smart Watch Camera for Kids - SOS - Remote Microphone


4G No Bullying Watch - GPS Smart Watch

School can be an awesome life experience or total devastation, setting the pace for a lifetime of great memories or traumatic experiences. Unlike previous generations; when kids today get teased or worse bullied in school, they have a greater danger to deal with. Why? Electronics and the internet.

This awesome technology that makes everything easier allows bullying to infect every living second on every device your child interacts and makes everything public on the web with a simple click! 

We at SpySite are parents too, and because we love our children and want to keep them safe; we believe you will want the same. Our Smart Watch Camera GPS is a fabulous solution and a preventative bully-proofing measure for parents. Nothing can trump good parenting that gives kids the correct advice on how to deal with difficult situations, but a parent doesn't always get the real story. With this Smart Watch Child Protection System, now you can.

Here is what the SpySite Smart Watch Camera GPS will do for you:

  • Allows you to remotely and discretely listen in to the surroundings of the watch. Now you can listen in live anytime and from anywhere without disturbing your child or his/her current activity.
  • You will be able to remotely take still pictures of whatever the watch's camera sees. If something does sound right, or if you child is in danger, you can take snapshots with a single click. These images are loaded on to the APP for your review with a time and date stamp.
  • You can find the location of your child, set geofences and even view previous historical tracking reports.

Now, this Smart watch for kids is a real smart watch, so it can do much more than that! Here are some other nifty features included with the SpySite Smart Watch Camera GPS

  • Program an SOS phone number for emergencies. Teach your kid to use this feature in the event of an emergency, should a trusted adult not be available. 
  • Fitness band functionality: Track steps, calories, and even sleep habits for your child.
  • Send reward messages to your child. Studies prove positive reward systems have a major influence in ensuring desired behavior is repeated.
  • Add their class schedule and teach your kids time management. A wonderful tool that we could all use more of!
  • Send voice or text messages to your child and receive voice messages from then at any time. A great way to keep in touch with them.
  • Math practice APP game already loaded in watch! This is a fun way to practice math facts anywhere. You might just find your little one doing it all on their own! 

Our Smart Watch for kids has so many other features too!

  • Restricted calling: Keep a tight lid on who your child can call and who can call your child. This is a fully functional phone if you want it to be. Add up to 10 contacts of your choosing and give your child the flexibility to stay in touch with family and friends.
  • Keep your child's focus: Set Do NOT Disturb times to ensure no calls or distracting messages are received. This way when your kid is at school and a friend calls, your child and the class wont be distracted when the watch rings!
  • Get notifications right to your phone when the SOS button is pressed or when the smart watch camera is running out of battery.

Have multiple kids? The free APP lets you easily manage each kid separately. You will need cellphone service for each watch, SIM card is not included.

Available in 3 different colors, the GPS watch is fun to wear and even older kids will want to wear it. 

See what the GPS Watch can do:

 SOS button: Just like schools practice fire drills, you can empower your child to call for help if he or she feels threatened. a simple push of the SOS button calls for help to a programmed number allowing you to take necessary action right away.
Geofencing: Drop off your kid to school or playdate, then set up a virtual perimeter using the APP. If your child leaves the set zone you immediately get notified.

Phone Call Management: Provide up to 10 allowed phone numbers your child can reach at the push of a button. This allows your child to easily communicate with family members even when they are too young to memorize phone numbers. Call restriction is the best way to allow a young child to have a communication method. You can rest easy because your child wont be getting promotional texts or calls from strangers.

Remote Monitor: a powerful microphone activation can be accessed remotely from anywhere. Listen to everything in the surroundings of the smart watch camera. This tool can prove invaluable if your child is being bullied and more so if your child is ever abducted!

Fitness Manager: Keep your child healthy too! track steps taken, calories burned and even sleep turn over. Fight obesity in a fun and easy way. 

Advanced Positioning: Utilizing four tier positioning technology the child GPS watch tracker offers great GPS positioning in various environments.

Historical Archive: Access months of tracking history.

Take still images using the Smart Watch Camera using your phone from where ever you might be. This feature  literally gives you eyes on site without needing to be there.

GPS Tracking Smart Watch Technical Specifications:

  • Languages Supported: English, Spanish, French (Up to 30 different languages are supported)
  • Frequency: GSM 1900MHz 4G
  • Positioning: GPS, 4G, WiFi, LBS
  • GPS Positioning accuracy: 30M
  • GSM Positioning accuracy: 100-1500M
  • Battery Capacity: 650mA
  • Screen Size: 1.54" 320x320 

Tracking Watch Supported Carriers

The carriers below have been tested and confirmed compatible with this GPS Smart Watch Camera. Other carriers might be compatible too.

  • T-Mobile USA



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