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MobilePlus Computer Activity Tracking & Monitoring Software for Desktop Computers

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Want to know what your child/employee does on the computer? Checkout this Solution 

MobilePlus+ is now MobilePlus Computer! Being a parent today isn't easy, being a business owner, even harder! From social media to email to games, there are so many things to look out for while on the computer. Sure, there are times and places for all those fun activities, but remote learning and working need rules so kids learn and employees work.


Parenting in the Technology Age


Times have truly changed and most parents feel lost when trying to get a grasp for what children and teenagers are doing on their electronic devices. What is a parent to do when it seems that their little ones are more IT savvy than their IT manager at work?

We've got a few tricks up our sleeve that are sure to give you an upper hand. This solution has worked for many and it might just work for you too!


 Compatible with

MAC and PC

An ideal solution for parents that want to keep tabs on their children, the MobilePlus Computer. is truly discrete so you get the real behavior and a true picture of what happens online when you walk out the door.

Why should you consider this? Children and teenagers are susceptible to peer pressure and can easily fall prey to child predators and even cyberbullying. As parents we protect them and ensure that their online personas don't leave them vulnerable. When something is posted online it takes on a life of its own that can follow you forever! You can help prevent irreparable damage to your kids image and safety.

Access all the information using a private web portal from any web enabled device. Easy to navigate dashboard lets you quickly select what you are most interested in for fast review.

Protecting your children in this age of technology is no longer an optional thing. It is a necessity! Cyber-bullying is no joke and you can take an active role in ensuring your son or daughter is protected, while keeping tabs on what they do with their online persona. 

With MobilePlus Computer you can:

Monitor Instant Messages

Stay in the loop of what is going on. This tool is a powerful means for identifying the people your child communicates most frequently and will allow you to keep tabs on the tone of these conversations.

Read Emails

Get insightful information on email communications. This feature allows you to see incoming and outgoing email content.  

View Keylogs

Get a comprehensive report of anything and everything that is typed on the computer. Works even when the words are deleted!


Record Browser Activity

Know every website visited. Be in the know of where your child likes to hang out, digitally speaking!


MobilePlus Computer will do all the work:

  • Keystroke logging (uncover passwords too)
  • Screenshot capture
  • Webmail capture
  • Webmail screenshots
  • IM tracking
  • USB device tracking
  • File activity tracking
  • Installed applications
  • Browser history

Want more visibility? Checkout the even more powerful mobile tracking solution MobilePlus. Over 140 features for tracking anywhere!


Businesses Can Keep Confidential Information Safe & Improve Productivity


Are you looking to protect your company's proprietary information and improve efficiency?

Many small and mid-size businesses have found in the MobilePlus Computer an affordable business too that protects their investment, keeps employees from abusing company resources and ensures that unwanted computer use does not go unnoticed.

Whether you have a MAC or a PC, you will be able to use MobilePlus Computer. The benefits of knowing what your data does and where it goes is often overlooked.

Besides the features parents use the most (listed above), as a business you can benefit by also using these included features too:

See File Transfers & Track USB Activity

Knowing how information moves from local computers to external devices and cloud uploads can help you identify theft of proprietary or confidential information 

Measure Bandwidth Activity

Are your high speed internet resources being used to speed your business growth? or is it being used for Netflix binges? Bandwidth excess use can be used to determine which work stations may be using too many resources. This can help you identify poor performance issues as well as possible digital theft being sent to a third party cloud.

Track User Logins

Knowing who is logged in to a work station and when, can help you conduct audits trails and identify anomalies in use. Such as an employee who consistently uses a workstation after hours or during non-working times. 


Features to help you monitor employees:

  • Network connection tracking
  • USB connection tracking
  • Print job tracking
  • IM tracking
  • File transfer tracking
  • Screenshot tracking
  • Browser history tracking
  • Keystroke logging 

Our service is so efficient that you will want it running on all your mobile and desktop devices!

A growing business needs automation of services and assets. How do you ensure that all these moving pieces are working cohesively and benefiting company stakeholders and clients? You monitor it!.

Corporate clients are using this SAAS monitoring solution to protect their business assets and proactively monitor employee behavior. 


How it works:

  1. You will need physical access and administrative rights to the computer you want to install the MobilePlus Computer monitoring solution to. If there is a password lock, you will need the password too.
  2. Go to the online portal we create for you.
  3. Follow the step by step instructions to install. Enter the license code when prompted
  4. Decide whether you want the MobilePlus Computer to run hidden or not.
  5. Your device will now be ready to start collecting information and all compatible features are now active.
  6. You can access all data and make preference changes at the web dashboard anytime and from anywhere without needing to physically access the target computer again.

Subscriptions are for 30 days of service and are easily renewed without service interruption or re-installation.  Your subscription starts when a license is issued and automatically renews every month.

Not Sure How to do any of this?

Get the installation package:


The installation team will work one on one with you during your appointment and will perform a professional and clean installation of your prepaid license for this software while you watch. Installations run 24/7 so installation is done when convenient to you.

This product belongs to our professional line for law enforcement and private investigation.

All the most needed features are included with your subscription. Here is the run down:

Monitor Messages & Keystrokes

  • Webmail
  • Webmail screenshots
  • Keylogging
  • Skype
  • LINE
  • QQ
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Hangouts
  • Trillian 
  • Viber 
  • AIM 
  • iMessage 
  • WeChat 


Monitor Internet Use and Applications:


  • Web pages visited
  • Browser history
  • Browser videos
  • Application activity
  • Installed application list 





 Network Monitor & Print Activity

  • Monitor network connections
  • Monitor print jobs


File Activity & User Monitoring:

  • File Activity snapshot
  • Files transferred
  • USB deice connections
  • Take desktop screenshots
  • Track user's log on/off activity
  • Track when user's lock the screen







Remote Management:

  • Remotely uninstall MobilePlus Computer

  • Remotely deactivate MobilePlus Computer

  • Change settings to MobilePlus Computer remotely


Discrete Monitoring:

  • Hide MobilePlus Computer from Start menu
  • Hide MobilePlus Computer from system tray
  • Hide MobilePlus Computer from Task Manager
  • Show/Hide MobilePlus Computer icon
  • Stop MobilePlus Computer from being uninstalled
  • Access on target computer by secure key combination


Features marked with  are only available for MAC computers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I need to be at the computer to install this service?

Yes. MobilePlus Computer is a powerful software and in order to precisely run all these operations it needs to be installed directly on the target computer. 

Is it legal for me to do this?

As with any product, it is how you use and what you do with the information that determines the legality of your actions. If you are unsure if your use is legal or if you are building a case, please consult legal counsel for more information and advice.

I'm not a computer savvy person can I still install this service myself?

Absolutely! The MobilePlus Computer monitoring service is designed for you to be able to. The installation is guided with a step by step instruction. Just give yourself time to complete it without hurry. This way you won't stress and the process is fast - about 5-20 minutes depending on your computer proficiency. If you are still stressing about it, just add the no hassle installation option.

Will I need to use the target computer to see recorded information?

No. You can simply access the web dashboard from any internet browser. 

Is the recorded data protected?

Absolutely! The data collected from the devices you monitor is securely stored and you will need a user name a password to access it.

Can I download information collected to my computer? 

Yes. You can use the download feature to download the information collected so you can use it as necessary.

This software must be physically installed on the device that your client wants to monitor. It cannot be installed remotely.

Below are the compatibility requirements for our computer software.


Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1 *
Microsoft Windows 10

*Monitoring IM apps installed from Windows Store are not supported on Windows 8.

*Microsoft Edge browser is not supported on all versions of Windows.

Mac - Must have minimum 8GB RAM.


Apple macOS Mavericks
Apple macOS Yosemite
Apple macOS El Capitan
Apple macOS Sierra
Apple macOS High Sierra
Apple macOS Mojave
Apple macOS Catalina
Apple macOS Big Sur 

*Macs with the new Apple M1 Chip are currently unsupported
Outlook webmail fails to capture on macOS Big Sur
Opera webmail fails to capture on macOS Big Sur
Conversation names in Desktop IM fail to capture on macOS Big Sur


Ask a Question
  • Does mobileplus operate in stealth mode? Can it be detected that it is operating in the background? Can you view the computer screen in real time? Does it work on laptops?

    Thanks for reaching out. You can use MobilePlus in stealth mode. There is usually a delay from when the information is displayed on the screen to when it is logged by the administration console. Delay can be between a few seconds to up to 30 minutes depending on network traffic and other conditions. You can use this monitoring software on desktops and laptops alike.