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Wireless Micro Camera

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High-Quality Micro Wireless Camera

Wireless cameras are easy to install and can be positioned in a snap. If your application will be best served by a wireless camera, then the micro wireless camera with built in transmitter is for you.

The camera is only 11mm x 11mm x 38mm and uses 5.8 GHz band. This mini spy camera is small enough to place in the most inconspicuous of places, and by using the 5.8 GHz band, you’re less likely to get interference from most wireless devices including Wi-Fi routers and cell phones.

This small wireless security camera comes with all the accessories needed to operate your camera and transmitter. Also, the active transmission range is 50 meters (164 feet)! Just place the camera in place, connect the power, and decide whether you want to send the video to a video monitor or a video recorder. It’s that simple!


  • Miniature Camera (Size: 11 x 11 x 38mm)
  • Receiving Frequency: 5.8GHz
  • Includes Receiver.

Technical Specifications:



  • Color 380 Line CMOS
  • Size: 11 x 11 x 38mm
  • Power: DC 12V/500mA


  • Receiving frequency: 5.8GHz
  • Size: 91 x 45 x 120 mm
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Power consumption: < 2 Watts
  • Power: 5 volts


  • 1 Full Color Miniature 5.8GHz Wireless Video Camera
  • 1 Perfectly Matched 5.8GHz Wireless Receiver
  • 1 Video Cable For Receiver To Video Recorder/Monitor Hook Up
  • 2 AC Adapters (1 for camera, 1 for receiver)
  • Instructions



Ask a Question
  • How difficult is it to install what all do you need to have to install and record

    Thank you for your question. All you need to do to set up the wireless micro camera is place the camera and connect it to a power source. Then take the receiver and connect it to a recorder or monitor.