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Professional Video Pen Spy Recorder Full HD

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Recording Secretly in HD is Easy and Wearable! 

Now even easier to use! Ideal design for business and classroom settings, this full high definition spy camera pen features 1080P camera quality, excellent microphone performance and reliable recording of video with sound, sound only and still images.

The High Definition Hidden Camera Video Recording Pen is a fully functioning pen. Along with a sophisticated design, this pen conceals a high definition hidden camera, hidden microphone and spy recorder.


With a push of a button you can begin recording important business meetings and take class notes that are sure to not miss any detail. Downloading recorded data is simple: just plug and play with standard media players or our favorite: the FREE VLC player. computer

 Supporting up to 32GB in memory, you can store thousands of images captured by the built-in camera or hours of audio and video recording. Battery life is about 90 minutes and you can easily recharge on the go for use all day long. We even get you going with the included 16GB memory!

The unit switches easily between still and video modes. Simple operation, starts and stops with a single touch. Features full high definition video at 1920 x 1080 resolution for extraordinary video quality. Excellent for investigative work and suitable for work and school. Makes a great gift!

Spy Pen Camera Features:

  • Simple to use
  • Simple data retrieval
  • Pen actually writes
  • Supports up to 32GB MicroSD card (16GB memory included)
  • Runs just under 2 hours on a single charge
  • Crystal clear full HD color video (1920 x 1080)
  • Sleek look gives the device the look an executive pen

Hidden Camera Pen DVR Technical Specifications:

  • Recording resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixel
  • Recording frames: 30 FPS
  • Recording format: AVI
  • Video encoding: M-JPEG
  • Photo format: JPG
  • Memory: 32GB (not included)
  • Storage Consumption: ~1GB consumed every 40 minutes
  • Transfer interface: 4 pin USB
  • Charging Voltage: DC 5V
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer battery
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Compatible with MAC

Your new Body Worn Pen Hidden Camera Includes:

  • 1 HD Hidden Pen Camera DVR with 16GB memory
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Manual 


NOTE: *Surreptitious third-party interception of conversations is illegal under federal law. It is the buyer's responsibility to check state and local restrictions on recording your own two-party conversations.*


Ask a Question
  • need pen to last for 8 hr

    Thanks for reaching out!
    The pen spy camera just dont have enough battery life to last for 8 hours. May we suggest the Professional USB spy camera? That item can record up to 4 hours in its compact design and up to 10 when using the included battery extender. Check it out!

  • can i watch live footage of my husband using it... from home ?

    Unfortunately, this device is not designed like that. This hidden pen camera will record all of its video footage on to a memory card that is inside the spy pen. You will later retrieve the recording by connecting the camera pen to your computer or viewing the memory card itself. There are some wearable spy cameras that can offer you live viewing, but the range is limited and only works within close proximity (ie. from another room with in your home). If you are interested we can special order one for you. Just message us on the chat or call us for more information.

    If you are looking for a camera that has broadcast capabilities you should take a look at these wifi based cameras. They are not wearable, but if possible for you to place, you will be able to get live video and sound right to your mobile device from anywhere!

  • Where is the camera locates

    Aha! hard to find right? On this model pen camera the camera is located right above the clip. This way you can secure it in a pocket and still get full view of what matters to you.

  • Does it aldo record in low light situation. Like disco, nightclub etc..

    Thanks for reaching out. This camera is doesnt have infrareds and therefore it is not a good fit for low light conditions. We would recommend you take a look at cameras that specifically feature night vision. Here is a link for you to get started: Night Vision Wearable Cameras

  • I need a device to record loud bass sounds inside my business from a neighbor directly next door. I have tried recording on my iPad and phone but it just does not pick up the intense degree of the bass sound. My security system does record sound but it does not pick up the sound like it actually is. Also, I need a separate device to record audio and visual outside behind the shop to produce a record of the loud music and loud vehicles to demonstrate the constant irritation caused on a daily basis. Will the pen work for these issues? I will need at least 3. Recommendations are welcomed. Anything I find needs to be discreet. Thank you

    Hello. Thanks for reaching out. The pen can record both video and sound but might be a bit short on battery to run it for long periods of time. The pen camera has a maximum run time of 2 hours. If you are looking to record difficult to record sounds a voice recorder might be a better solution. Such recorders have better microphones and run times as they are designed strictly for sound recording. 

    Take a look at these voice recorders that will offer better sound quality:

    Pen Voice Recorder

    USB Voice Recorder

    Recorder - add 3' Spy Microphone

    For the application where you are trying to record outside activity, the pen might be a perfect solution if you are going to record manually when it happens. Meaning disruptive vehicles, etc are outside, you turn on your camera and look out the window or step outside for a moment. However if you are looking to record when you are not there or without needing to physically engage the recording everytime, then we would recommend you look at an outdoor camera instead and leave it mounted and recording at all times. 

    This outdoor wireless camera is ideal for those situations and the battery lasts 6 months!

    Reach out again if you have any questions or need further assistance.

  • Is the battery of the pen user replaceable? Electronics these days are routinely outlasting their batteries. At some point, I'm sure this battery will require replacing. Is that an easy process built in to the open camera?

    Thank you for this question. The batteries in this pen recorder are not replaceable by end users as it requires electronic knowledge and if attempted will void your warranty. If you decide to purchase the item; eventually when the batteries reach their end of life you can contact us and a representative can assist you in exploring service and replacement options.

  • Do you happen to have a digital version of the manual, or know where to download one? I have this same camera pen and lost the manual.

    If you need a manual for your hidden pen camera simply contact our support team and they can locate your order and send you a digital copy. Please note that you will need have either the order number, receipt number or name as it appeared on your order. Without at least of of these items, our support team wont be able to release the proper link.

  • do I need to buy a charger or do Is it included

    You can purchase a wall charger if you want to, however the camera comes with the USB cable that you will need for charging. You can then connect to your computer or a compatible USB charger.