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USB Charger DVR Spy Camera Kit - Functional Power Adapter

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Motion Activated Functional Charger with Hidden Camera DVR

It is so easy to use anyone can use it. You do not need a smart phone or tablet to use it. A simple two button operation lets you record in high definition every move whenever you want. This hidden camera with recorder packs a powerful microphone for excellent audio quality too

Using the latest compression technology, you can record up to 53+ hours of audio and video! Want to make that even longer? Just use the motion activated setting and that can be months of recording time!

Since you will be plugging this hidden spy camera to any outlet in your home, office or dorm; you don't have to worry about battery life either. I'm sure you are likely thinking you will only get feet on your recordings because all your outlets are low to the floor, right? Not true! We have angled the camera 15 degrees up so you get clean, crisp, complete images of the room or area of your choosing.

When its time to review your recordings you will be happy, because playback is simple. All you need is a computer. Use the included card reader and with just a few clicks you will be able to review recorded footage using any video player already installed on your computer!

This USB hidden camera has a standard 90 degree camera coverage, which offers sufficient coverage for most applications. The USB spy hidden camera uses a MicroSD card (64GB included!) for local footage storage and easily connects to your computer for download and safe keeping. 

Not in the USA or need to travel? We got you covered! This ac power adapter spy camera comes with 4 different plug types to go with you where ever, just slide in the plug you need and you are ready to go. 

Secret Hidden Camera Charger:

  • Record audio and video - Everything you need is included
  • Record with motion or all the time!
  • High definition video quality: Records 1920 x 1080 color video @ 30FPS
  • Easy playback from your computer - PC or MAC and even your mobile device!
  • Includes plugs for US, EURO, UK, and Australia. Supports ALL countries. Ideal for travel too.
  • Supports time and date stamp
  • Supports time and date watermark

Hidden Spy Camera Phone Charger Specifications:

  • Viewing Angle: 90° with upward offset of 15
  • Video Quality: 1920 x 1080 color video 30FS
  • Memory Consumption: ~50 minutes/1GB
  • Motion Detection Range: up to 25 feet
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Compatible with MAC
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Compatible with IE7+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Supports time and date stamp
  • Supports time and date watermark
  • Allows for settings changes: Resolution, Motion sensitivity, Mic on/off and more!

Spy Power Supply Camera Includes:

  • 1 AC Phone Charger Spy Camera
  • 4 Plug Apdaters (US, EURO, UK & Australia)
  • 1 USB Card Reader
  •  64GB Micro-SD Card
  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • FREE tech support


Ask a Question
  • Is the camera lens on the side of the device?

    Hello, the camera on this hidden plug camera is located on the front.

  • I plugged in the usb drive, but the drive doesn't show. What is the solution to me seeing the drive?

    This hidden camera does not support flashdrive features. The USB port is designed to charge your phone or similar device. In order to retrieve your recordings, please remove the memory card and use the card reader included with your product to connect to your computer. You can reference the QR code or emailed manual for the location of the memory card. Feel free to reach out if you need additional assistance. Support is free to customers that have placed an order through our site or stores.