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Parents, Kids & Novelties

Keep Kids Safe with Nanny Cameras

Every parent is concerned about the safety of their children; unfortunately we cannot be around all the time. If you are concerned that your child is being mistreated in your absence, we offer a solution – pinhole spy cameras hidden in common household objects such as clocks, toys and more. These devices capture several hours of video and are indistinguishable from common household items, allowing you to monitor nanny behavior discreetly and securely. Best of all: Many let you watch while away and you can set it up yourself! Still in the baby proof task? Checkout our sensor alarms too!

Computer Monitoring & Young Driver Tracking

Computer software allows you to track activity on your child's computer, protecting your children from illicit material or online predators. GPS tracking units are available for keeping tabs on young drivers and to control and record usage of your car.

Real Spy Gadgets for Kids & Adults!

The next James Bond has to start somewhere! Allowing children to carry out their own special missions and give them the ability to create their own super-secret spy adventures! Unlike some toy stores or online retailers, our real spy gadgets for kids actually work.

Looking for a birthday party idea? Kids spy gear makes for extra fun with more agents on the mission, and will be memorable for years! Spy toys make great gifts that are educational and fun by teaching kids how to employ various technology and inspiring them to use their imagination! Spy Site’s selection includes popular products from top brands including Spy Gear and SpyNet toys.

Help us make a difference in our communities! For every SpySite Brand item you buy we will donate needed supplies to homeless shelters across the US.