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UV Marking Pen

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Add Your Own Marks - Detect Fake or Duplicate Documents

Mark your bills with invisible Ultraviolet ink. UV ink cannot be seen without the use of a ultraviolet (UV) light. Know which dollars are yours! Great for finding thieves and keeping tabs on cashiers.You can use this Ultraviolet pen to track large denomination bills, conduct cash drawer audits, mark sensitive documents for easy authentication, and more.

You can also use this ultraviolet marking pen to write secret messages on plain paper or discuss confidential information using invisible writing.

Perfect for survey forms, coupon marking, supermarkets, restaurants, banks, retailers, or personal use.

Want to have fun with your kids? Write them UV ink messages for them to decode in a spy scavenger hunt!


  • Simple to use
  • Invisible to the eye - requires UV light  (Use D22 light)


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  • How much it is cost if the price is converted to philippine peso bill

    Thanks for reaching out!
    Our prices are noted in US Dollars. In order to estimate the cost in any other currency please a currency conversion tool of your choice. Tools such as Google Currency Converter allows you to enter a currency value and see its equivalent in any other currency based on currency trading value at the time of query.