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MobilePlus Tracking and Monitoring Software for Mobile Devices


Want to Track a Phone's Location and Activity? Checkout our Solution - BETA

Reliable tracking allows you to know the location of your child, employee or asset at any time. Simple and flexible tracking and monitoring solution can be used in the open or you can hide the application and keep it totally hidden from the device user or other prying eyes!

An ideal solution for parents that want to keep tabs on their children as well as employees that need to ensure quality assurance of their employees interactions with customers, peers, and vendors.

Monitor all cellphone activity, including phone calls, web history, social media interactions, passwords, camera roll, live calls, chat, messaging, and more.

Record phone calls and receive notifications of events that are important to you. Track GPS location and even control the device's microphone and camera remotely for live access from your computer!

Works with Android, iPhone, PC and MAC giving you total freedom. Check all the information collected and take live actions right from the easy to use web dashboard. Information is protected and totally private. 

Our service is so efficient that you will want it running on all your mobile and desktop devices!

There is no other software available that gives you this many features and that works this well. There are over 150 amazing features and they are ALL available to you. 

Protecting your children in this age of technology is no longer an optional thing. It is a necessity! Cyber-bullying is no joke and you can take an active role in ensuring your son or daughter is protected, while keeping tabs on what they do with their online persona.


A growing business needs automation of services and mobility of its assets. How do you ensure that all these moving pieces are working cohesively and benefiting company stakeholders and clients? You monitor it!.

Corporate clients are using this SAAS monitoring solution to listen to live phone calls and record them to ensure quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Recordings can easily be used in training sessions for real life scenarios that take your staff's training to the field.

Tracking features lets you know where your service techs and sales people are to ensure that everyone is keeping schedule and clients are being serviced as needed.

Law enforcement also gets benefits from the MobilePlus tracking and monitoring solution! Have an asset that has a hard time wearing wire? MobilePlus is an fantastic investigative tool. use the phone's camera and microphone and be virtually present at every meet. Your asset wont risk being compromised and you can get the evidence and information that your investigation needs.


How it works:

  1. You will need physical access to the mobile device you want to install the MobilePlus tracking and monitoring solution to. If there is a password lock, you will need the password too.
  2. Connect the device to your computer and if necessary jailbreak or root. Not all devices will require this step and not all devices can be rooted or jailbroken. Learn more about jail-breaking and rooting.
  3. Follow the step by step instructions you received via the email when you placed your order. Enter the license code when prompted
  4. Decide whether you want the tracking and monitoring software to run hidden or not.
  5. Your device will now be ready to start collecting information and all compatible features are now active.
  6. You can access all data and make preference changes at the web dashboard anytime and from anywhere without needing the phone again.

Subscriptions are for 30 days of service and can be easily renewed without service interruption or re-installation.  Your subscription starts when a license is issued.

This product belongs to our professional line for law enforcement and private investigation.
  Don't forget the Desktop Monitor. MobilePlus+ gives you access to computer activity and usage monitoring!

With over 150 features you will likely not find anything you want to do that the MobilePlus tracking and monitoring service can't do for you. Here is the run down:

Spy on Calls:

  • Listen to live calls 

  • Record calls 

  • Call logs

  • VOIP call logs 

  • VOIP call recording 

  • Remote access to microphone

  • Facetime spy cam 

  • Record Skype calls 


Spy on Messages:


  • Read SMS messages
  • Read MMS messages
  • Send fake SMS messages
  • Delete SMS messages containing certain keywords
  • Read emails





 Spy on GPS

View and track GPS location 


Spy on IM Chats:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook / FB Messenger
  • Viber
  • LINE
  • Skype
  • WeChat
  • iMessage
  • BBM
  • Blackberry PIN 
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Hangouts
  • KIK
  • Telegram
  • Tinder 
  • Instagram
  • QQ
  • Hike







Spy on Multimedia:

  • Video files

  • Image files

  • Audio files


Remote Live Controls:

  • Take a picture using the camera
  • Restart Device 
  • Check device battery status
  • SMS Remote Commands



Internet Monitoring:

  • Web pages viewed 
  • Bookmarks


APP Monitoring:

  • Screenshots 
  • Address book
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Installed Programs
  • Program Activity


 Alert Notifications:

  • Whenever there is a SIM card change
  • When a specific contact is called
  • Custom alerts you set


Keylogger Feature:

Record the entire keystroke history of specified applications. Record anything typed, even when erased!


Secret Tracking & Monitoring Choice:

  1. Hide Jailbreak
  2. Hide SuperSU
  3. Hide from application list/task manager



Easy to Use - You can do this!

  • Guided step by step install
  • Online Remote Commands
  • Upgrading is easy
  • Update
  • Renewing
  • Deactivation
  • Removal

Features vary per device as not all devices will support certain features or commands. The icons show devices for which the feature is available or not.

 = All Supported Devices = Android Devices
= iPhone  = iPad
 = Black Berry Devices = NOT on Black Berry Devices


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I need to have the phone with me to install this service?

Yes. MobilePlus is a powerful software and in order to precisely run all these operations it need to be installed directly on the phone. 

Is it legal for me to do this?

As with any product, it is how you use and what you do with the information that determines the legality of your actions. If you are unsure of your use is legal or if you are building a case, please consult legal counsel for more information and advice.

I'm not a computer savvy person can I still install this service myself?

Absolutely! The MobilePlus tracking and monitoring service is designed for you to be able to. The installation is guided with a step by step instruction. Just give yourself time to complete it without hurry. This way you won't stress and the process is fast - about 5-20 minutes depending on proficiency.

Will I need the phone to see recorded information?

No. You can simply access the web dashboard from any internet browser. 

Is the recorded data protected?

Absolutely! The data collected from the devices you monitor is securely stored and you will need a user name a password to access it.

Can I download information collected to my computer? 

Yes. You can use the download feature to download the information collected so you can use it as necessary.

Here are some images from the MobilePlus Dashboard: 



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  • will google be able to detect this software? because google has a way of notifying one of this

    Thank you for your question.
    At this time Google notification service has not shown to detect the MobilePlus Spy Software. Keep in mind that you are using a device for which the google account owner has already signed in to. Google notification services usually alert users of new device logins and not necessarily of changes to the android software itself.

    Hope that helps!