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Money Management

Counterfeit Detection & Money Counting

Money Handling

Handling cash payments and money movement is very important for any business. Counterfeit currency Money counters, also known as currency handling products or currency counters, include bill counters, coin counters, and coin sorters. These money counters can help your business prevent counterfeit currency acceptance and expedite your money counting needs.

These low cost, high quality money counters make bill counting and coin counting easy and efficient. Incorporating effective money counting and counterfeit detection measures for your business is inexpensive, easy and possible for any size business.

Document Verification

Liquor stores, clubs, bars, casinos and other establishments where document verification is necessary, will find our document counterfeit detection equipment a life saver in preventing fake documents from being used. Easy to use, inexpensive to implement and reliable to ensure compliance; SpySite's document verification tools are a must that you business cannot afford to be with out.

Browse our money counting machines, currency and document counterfeit detection equipment and find the perfect tools your business needs.

Which Money Counter is Right for Me? - Help me choose

For businesses with less than 3 registers, we recommend a back loading unit like the AB1100Plus. If your business has over 3 registers you will need a front loading unit such as the AB4000.

With our visual inspection counterfeit detectors the user will determine whether the bill is counterfeit or not by looking for the security features. This type of detector is best for users who know exactly what to look for. With our automatic detectors, the user will feed the bill into the machine and audio and visual warning will alert you of a counterfeit bill.

For retail businesses, both small and large, it is best to check for suspicious bills at the point of sale. By having an automatic counterfeit detector at the register it will allow you to check the bills before they are accepted, reducing losses for your business. You can then have a bill counter in the back office for quick and easy counting.