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A Full Selection of Spy Books

Whether you’re a professional private investigator looking to expand your knowledge with clever reading or a first time sleuth looking for a starting point, Spy Site has you covered with our wide collection of Spying and privacy protection books. We have several popular titles from the genre including books on spying, books on identity theft, books on fraud and more! Find various books ideal for spy enthusiasts as well as privacy concerned avid readers. Locksmithing professionals can learn a thing or two from our lockpicking guides, books and videos. Spy Site even has informational “how to” spy guides and surveillance tips. Everything you need to be a surveillance professional and learn about spying, you’ll find it our expansive online bookstore.

Spy Recreational Reading

Not everything has to be business-related reading. Spy Site also has videos and books for the recreational reader looking for entertaining books on spying. Follow along with literary gumshoes or have a chuckle with witty titles. Start browsing our selection below to find the right book for your spying desires!