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Checkpoint Security & Inventory Control

Facility & Event Security Equipment Solutions From Spy Site

In today's modern, unstable world, exceptional, reliable security is more crucial and necessary than it has ever been. Governments and organizations know it, and citizens demand it. Even non-political events like local marathon races are susceptible to unexpected acts of terrorism. Concerts, sports events, parades and any event where the general public is in attendance can become a target for misdirected, unstable personalities. Security has to be a primary concern for any group or organization planning an event.

Ensure that your event is safe for all in attendance. Our professional explosive detection systems, metal detectors, and X-Ray Screening Equipment will be sure to enhance your facility or event security. We can help you design a temporary checkpoint and supply rental equipment and operators or you can have your very own personnel and yours to keep visitor screening center.

If your security needs are smaller, our metal detectors and prisoner benches are a great addition to any club, bar, corporate entrance, school or courthouse.

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