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Hard Shell RFID Blocking Credit Card Aluminum Wallet

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NO STEALING! Protection for Your Credit Cards, Hotel Key and even Your Government ID

Many items are now enabled with embedded smart chips. They can authorize transactions, verify identity, open doors and even give access to confidential information and top secret documents and facilities.

These smart chip items are a hot commodities in black markets for obvious reasons. You can protect your identity and your bank account from failing prey to fraudsters by using these RFID blocking wallets.

Not only will they securely hold up to 10 cards, but they will also prevent thieves using RFID scanners from stealing your credit card numbers or access control privileges. 

If you are a government employee or a government contractor your smart card needs to be secure as you are personally responsible for its protection!

Protect yourself and use this RFID wallet. Simply slide the cards in the wallet and you are protected. The special construction of this RFID credit card wallet will block RFID scanner attempts. You are in charge of your financial freedom and you decide which doors to open!

The RFID credit card wallet is durable and its accordion design allows you to easily insert cards, IDs, even cash and other valuables! The hard shell wallet protects cards from bending so they don't break.

Unisex RFID Blocking Wallet Features:

  • Hard shell design prevents bending and breaking
  • Accordion design lets you hold cards, IDs, cash or anything else! 
  • Cards will not fall out!
  • Holds up to 10 credit cards.
  • Prevents thieves from stealing your card information
  • Single button release
  • Mixed designs


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