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Coin Sorter Deluxe Kit

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This simple and effective kit compliments the popular coin counter and sorters CC-1800 and AB-610 units. 

So you have purchased the coin counter, now you can sort the coins and count them, right? Ready to go to the bank and cash them in for crisp bills? Guess what! you need to wrap all these coins before your bank will take them. Sure, some banks have coin counters of their own, but there is a fee for it, and many have already removed them from their branches, leaving it up to you to stuff all those little round envelopes with shiny coins you collected!

Because you are a busy person and don't have time for this kind of manual labor for literally pennies; you need this coin counter kit. Our Deluxe kit includes 4 Coin Bags to carry the profits that have rolled in or if your bank accepts bagged coins. (these are heavy duty and right for the job) If they don't, sorry, but you will have to endure the wrapping unless you get your hands on wrapping tubes. You will also get a large coin side tray, because that tiny one that comes with your coin counter, well... sometimes overflows!

Add this kit to your coin counter to enjoy with ease the full functionality of your coin counter and coin sorter. You will love the large tray and the coin bags will sure make a difference in transporting coins.


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