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4K WiFi Spy Functional Electrical Outlet Camera - Wall Outlet Hidden Spy Camera DVR

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4K WiFi Spy Functional Electrical Outlet Camera - The Camera in the wall!

A most hidden camera system with an amazing 4K quality and our unlimited support! Installs like a normal wall socket, but this one has a camera, microphone, recorder and wi-fi transmitter all in a compact system that fits inside the wall of your home or office.

The electrical outlet hidden camera features ultra high definition for crisp live view and offers great sound that you can also access from anywhere. The cleverly placed microphone and Wi-Fi functionality offers you both video and voice recording and live broadcast to your mobile device while keeping costs down on the long run. On board recording means you won't pay recurring fees ever and your system will continue to work even without internet access.

The electrical wall outlet hidden camera comes with everything you need to hard wire the surveillance system to your electrical line. Connecting the device to your electric uses the same process as installing a normal electric wall receptacle. We recommend the use of an electrician for this part of the installation. Once installed the top outlet can be used, remaining fully functional. The camera is housed on the bottom plug.


Record with motion activation to avoid wasted recording space, since it supports up to 128GB cards, you will be able to record audio and video files for many hours at a time!

This camera is proudly made with quality in the USA!


    Electrical Outlet Spy Camera Features:

    • Includes 128GB memory!
    • Memory consumption 2 hours/GB (up to 4.5+ days of recording time!)
    • Functional top plug (camera on bottom plug) 
    • 90° camera angle
    • Recordings at 1080 or 720P @ 15FPS .AVI
    • Record voice and video 
    • Can record with or without sound
    • Time and date stamp
    • Time and date watermark
    • Made in the USA!

    Spy Power Supply Electrical Socket Camera Includes:

      • 1 Electrical Wall Outlet Spy Camera
      • 1 Memory Card 128GB
      • 1 Instruction Booklet
      • Free Tech Support - electrical installation support is not included or provided.


      Ask a Question
      • Are other colors available? Thanks

        We only make this outlet hidden camera in white for off the shelf stock. You can contact us for a special order and we can custom build one in he color of your choice! Just call the store or email us.

      • Hi Sir, It is possible to have a upgrade for this outlet camera with Night Vision? Thank You.

        Thanks for reaching out. This outlet camera is not currently available with night vision. It could be custom made with night vision, or you may consider this similar plug camera that is already made with night vision. You can also choose to get the original spy camera outletyou choose and add an external infrared illuminator.