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4K UHD Wifi Mini Phone Charger Security Camera Recorder with Smartphone Live View

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Mini USB Charger Security 4K Camera and Recorder - View LIVE and listen from your cellphone from Anywhere

Securing our homes and businesses is becoming more of a necessity today more than ever. With crime on the rise, you need to place security cameras to protect what is yours.

Our mini USB phone charger camera looks and works just like a cellphone charger. It does however have many other features and these are cleverly accessed via your smartphone or tablet, best of all you can view in 4K UHD!

How does it work?

Simply plug the camera in any working outlet and in 15 minutes or less you will be ready to view, review and secure any room!  

Set up is uses a FREE App and your cellphone or tablet. You can also do video review and change settings right from the APP, so don't worry if you don't have a computer.

This security system uses wifi to connect to the camera locally or from anywhere in the world. The set up is wireless and very easy to complete using your phone. Complete and well written instructions are included with every camera, plus you also get unlimited tech support FREE in case you need a little help.

Everything you need is included and there are no cloud services to sign up nor monthly fees of any kind. No subscriptions either! 

Don't have a wifi service? Not a problem. You can still secure your space and carry out surveillance with this camera system. Without wifi service your live access will be limited to max 250 feet, but all other functionality will be accessible. If you do leave simply play back recordings to see what you missed. You can even do it using your phone.

Wifi USB Charger 4K Camera Recorder Features:

  • Live access to video and sound
  • 128GB Memory included!
  • Record with motion
  • Receive alerts
  • Record with or without sound
  • HD quality video so things are clear
  • Excellent room coverage
  • Easy to set up and use

Wifi USB Phone Charger Camera DVR Specifications:

  • Video Resolution Phone view: 4K, 1080, 720 Recordings: 720 MP4
  • Frames 15-25fps 
  • Camera Angle 90°
  • Memory Card MSD TF Card max 128GB U1
  • Memory Consumption ~3.5 hours/1GB
  • APP Compatible with Apple and Android
  • Supports Record While Charging
  • Supports Loop/Stop function

What is included:

  • Camera with 128GB Memory
  • USB Card Ready
  • Instructions
  • FREE Tech Support


Ask a Question
  • What does the 4k camera quality look like for the phone charger?

    Thanks for reaching out. We currently dont have videos of this specific camera, but here is a video of a fairly comparable camera for you to have an idea: Button Camera

  • Does this camera use the lookcam PRO app and what is the cost for one?

    Hello, this camera uses lookcam App. For current pricing please see the product page for this Hidden Camera Phone Charger Camera.