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Night Vision Wearable Spy Camera Car Key HD DVR


Car Key Wearable Spy Camera with Night Vision

A car key that can record video and sound at the click of unlock? Yes! This generic car key and remote can easily record audio and video or take pictures wherever your wheels take you.

Disguised as a car key is a High Definition camera with a super sensitive microphone. As if that was not enough, a reliable and easy to use recorder is built inside the key too! Record video footage with sound or take pictures within seconds.

Because your keys follow you on your day to day, you will be ready to document traffic accidents, altercations with others, funny and valuable family moments (including party in the car!) and many more.

  • Have you ever found yourself in a place you would never find again and want to remember it or share it with others?
  • How about leaving your car at the Valet, do you want to know if your precious sports car goes on a joy ride?
  • Meeting with someone and things might get heated?

All these and many more scenarios can be easily and secretly documented with our Spy Car Key Camera!

Easy operation allows you to quickly select motion recording, continuous recording or picture mode. Turn night vision on or off with a single click and apply to any mode selected. Visual light queues lets you know that your intended mode has been selected so you can rest assured that your recording has started or stopped.

HD camera featuring 1920 x 1080P gives you crystal clear videos that you can play, save, or share on any computer and through any social media, email or simply save to any storage device! Up to 160 minutes of continuous operation, quick charge and a removable memory card slot allows you to easily recharge and keep recording all day long!

On the go? use your car charger to top off the battery or if at home just plug to a computer or wall USB plug for convenience. Review files using any computer (PC or MAC) or if you are out and about use your phone's card reader or phone reader adapter (iOS - Apple devices need this).

Want to use our outside your car? Not a problem. It blends right in almost anywhere. Use it at home, the office or when visiting any establishment where your situation of interest will take place. You can even use it at night time and in dimly lit places like alleys, night clubs and night time in general.

Car Key Wearable Spy Camera Features:

  • Crisp Pictures!
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Super Senstive microphone
  • Car keyfob design with sprinting key
  • Color camera and night vision mode
  • Record with motion or continously
  • High Definition (HD) Video quality
  • Concealed card slot and charging port
  • Now supports up to 32GB MicroSD Cards

Keychain Spy Camera Technical Specifications:

  • Video format: AVI
  • Video resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Picture Resolution: 2560 x 1920
  • Picture Format: JPG
  • File Size: 10 minutes per 1GB
  • Memory: Supports Up to 32GB MicroSD Cards (5 hours of recording time)
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Battery life: 160 minutes - up to 4 days in standby
NOTE: *Surreptitious third-party interception of conversations is illegal under federal law. It is the buyer's responsibility to check state and local restrictions on recording your own two-party conversations.*



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