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Smart Light Timer - Timer Switch

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Turn the lights On Even When You Are Away.

If you or someone you know lives alone, this light timer is a must have item. The Smart Light Timer will turn on a lamp when it gets dark for the set amount of time you choose. Now you can come home to a well lit house. Improving lighting conditions of your home can deter potential dangers that lurk in the dark.

Low Light Detection Sensor

The photocell sensor allows the light timer to sense light changes and it signals the timer to automatically turn on lights when it begins to get dark. This allows you to help your house look "lived in" while you're away. It can also be set to RANDOM, which turns lights on and then off in an ever-changing pattern, as if you were home. You can use the light timer for your home, vacation home, office, and virtually anywhere. You can also use this light timer with other electronics to automate power on those devices.


  • Timer helps your house look lived in while you're away.
  • Great way to turn on/off Christmas trees and holiday lights!
  • Smart Light Timer automatically turns lights on when it gets dark, rather than at a set time.
  • The random mode sets the lights to go on and off in a varying pattern to fool burglars.
  • Timer can be adjusted to turn on lamp for 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours after dusk or to keep the lamp on until dawn.

Technical Specifications:

  • Photo sensor detects darkness for instant lights on
  • Timer allows you to manage lights
  • Random mode, for when on vacation




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