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WiFi Spy Functional Electrical Outlet Camera - Wall Outlet Hidden Camera


WiFi Spy Functional Electrical Outlet Camera - Wall Outlet Hidden Camera

If you are having a hard time finding a permanent camera that will fool even the most perceptive of subjects, you will love this wall outlet hidden camera! The top receptacle remains fully functional while the bottom outlet conceals a super mini camera with more functionality that you can imagine.

The electrical outlet hidden camera features high definition for crisp images while the professional video recorder offers excellent recording flexibility. A cleverly placed microphone and Wi-Fi functionality offers you both video and voice recording and live broadcast to your mobile device or computer too. secret
wifi You will never miss a beat because its remote notification and WiFi broadcasting allows to view and listen live where ever you might be. The job no longer hunkers you down to a single location so you have more space to roam while remaining vigilant as needed.  The Electrical Wall Outlet Spy WiFi camera records onto a microSD card and live video and with voice are easily accessed from any Apple or Android device.

Simple set up and user friendly steps make this spy camera easy to use even for those that struggle with basic computer tasks and best of all, setting it up does not require complicated networking as with most IP cameras. You can even set up local recording and mobile viewing without WiFi service! You can make changes to your camera system and adjust light and other settings right from your phone.

The electrical wall outlet hidden camera comes with everything you need to hard wire the surveillance system to your electrical line. Connecting the device to your electric uses the same process as installing a normal electric wall receptacle. We recommend the use of an electrician for this part of the installation. Once installed the bottom outlet can be used with any 2 pin plug (do not insert plugs with 3 pins as the ground pin will damage the camera).

A 90 degree camera coverage along with a 7 degree upward angle offers sufficient coverage to record most rooms while still placing the receptacle in the expected place on the wall. This outlet camera's 7 degrees looking up allows you use of those low outlet placements while giving you adequate room coverage!

Record with motion activation to avoid wasted recording space, since it supports up to 128GB cards, you will be able to record audio and video files for many hours at a time!

This spy hidden camera uses a MicroSD card (larger cards sold separately) for local footage storage and easily connects to your computer for download and safe keeping. If your computer doesn't have a builtin card reader just use a card reader to access the contents of your memory card. You can also access recordings using the APP.

See something you want to record to your phone as it happens live? How about take a picture of the live feed? You can do that with just 1 click! All live recordings and pictures will be stored in the app for you to quickly access them without waiting to retrieve the memory card. phone

Recordings are saved in universal formats so sharing your recorded files is easy and does not require special software or players.

 You will love the ability to receive alerts when motion is detected, because you can immediately see what is going on and take action if necessary. Best of all, this full featured surveillance system has no cloud or ongoing costs. You can access all these features again and again for FREE!
The powerful mobile app lets you easily change all recording settings with just a few click and you can do it from anywhere at any time! For instance, you can set to record only when there is motion, on a schedule, or all day. You can change the video resolution for when your network runs slow or when you need more recording time, receive on-screen alerts or via email and much more. Keep it simple or dive in to use the many advance options included.

This product belongs to our professional line for law enforcement and private investigation. SSS Professional Line
 This camera is proudly made with quality in the USA!

Please note that we are unable to provide technical support for electrical hard-wiring of this product. We highly recommend the user of a licensed electrician for this installation step.

Electrical Outlet Spy Camera Features:

  • Includes 16GB memory!
  • Functional top plug (camera on bottom plug) 
  • Video quality: Records 1920 x 1080 color video @ 25FPS
  • Record voice and video 
  • View from your cellphone from anywhere!
  • Motion detection with alerts.
  • Time and date stamp
  • Time and date watermark
  • Voice recording on/off
  • Made in the USA!

Wifi Hidden Camera Technical Specifications:

  • Viewing Angle: 90°
  • Video Quality: 1920 x 1080 color video 25FS 1MP
  • Motion Detection Range: up to 25 feet
  • Motion Sensitivity: 1-10 adjustable via App
  • Max Recording time per ~1GB: 30 minutes
  • Wifi Storage: Supports up to 128GB Micro SD Card (up to 64 hours!)
  • Battery Life: N/A - Hardwired - Electrician use recommended.
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Compatible with MAC
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Compatible with IE7+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Time and date stamp
  • Time and date watermark
  • Voice recording on/off

Spy Power Supply Camera Includes:

  • 1 Electrical Wall Outlet Spy Camera
  • Hard-wiring Kit
  • 1 Instruction Booklet

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  • Do you have one like this, but plugs into a car's DC connector ( used to be called cigarette lighter) ?

    Thanks for asking! At this time we don’t offer a car dc port WiFi Camera in our readily accessible stock. Mostly because internet access in a vehicle is still rather tricky. We could build it custom for you with or without WiFi. Just contact us via phone or email and we can discuss it further.  

  • Does this also record audio?

    Hello! Thank you for asking your question about the electrical socket wifi camera
    This camera has a built-in microphone. From the Free APP you can select to turn the microphone on or off to meet your recording needs.

  • If I am in a place where I have no cell phone service, I would imagine I can’t view the footage correct? Can I view the footage once I’m back in service? If so, how much footage is saved for me to go back to. With certain WiFi cams, subscriptions are available and save footage for a certain amount of days depending on the purchased plan. Is your camera similar in that regard?

    Thanks for the questions!
    The outlet hidden camera will record footage even when you have no cell service on your mobile device. How much footage you can record depends on the size of the memory card you use. For example a 128GB will give you approx 109 hours of recording time (if you have motion activation recording enabled, the recording time is only used when there is activity in front of the camera). 

    You can choose to have the surveillance system loop or stop at the end of the memory. If you choose loop, the recorder will automatically start recording over the oldest files when it reaches a full memory.

    With regard to your remote access on your cellphone or tablet, you can view live feed and recordings from this spy camera even without cellphone service as long as you have Wifi service. If you don't have cell service or wifi available on your portable mobile device, you can review any recordings in the memory card when you regain cellphone or wifi service on your mobile device.

    Hope that answers your questions, if not, be sure to reach out!

  • Does it come in beige?

    Thank you for asking a question!
    The spy socket camera only comes in white and black (special order). 

  • If the camera is in the top half of this outlet will it be harmed or broken if someone tries to plug something into the top outlet pug?

    Thank you for your question.
    If someone tries to plug something on the top and it has a ground prong it will damage the camera. The bottom plug is fully functional however.