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Hidden IR Illuminator - Invisible Light for Cameras

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Enhance Night Vision Range and Coverage of IR Cameras - Covert IR Illuminator

An infra-red illuminator is a stand alone tool that allows IR cameras to perform better by adding more light. Our hidden IR illuminator looks and works like a USB charging station cube, but it also has powerful 6 IRs that help illuminate a room or area without red glow as it is invisible to the human eye.

If your IR night vision camera is not performing well at night or there are areas that are too dark, you can use this invisible light IR illuminator to solve that pesky problem.

SpySite's IR illumination cube uses 940nm leds and have an automatic on/off sensor that allows hands-free operation only when the lights are off and is dark. The 940nm is a high power IR led that doesn't have a visible light, so no one will know its true purpose.

This covert night time illumination extender can add more light with a range of up to 30 feet/9 meters when in total darkness.

Simplest way to describe this IR illuminator: An invisible flashlight for your cameras! This hidden camera illuminator works best with cameras using 940nm lenses, but can also be used with other types of lenses. Range and functionality will decrease when used with non-940nm lenses.

The USB charging cube offers two USB ports and features a sleek modern design.

Covert IR Illuminator USB Cube Specifications:

  • Power supply: 5V2A Input (not included)
  • Output: dual functional USB output
  • LED:6 pcs High power invisible 940nm LEDs
  • IR range: up to 30 feet/9 meters
  • Cube size: 2x2x2 inches (5.2x5.2x5.2cm)

What is included:

  • Covert IR Illuminator Cube
  • USB Power Cable
  • Instructions


Ask a Question
  • Does this work with 220 volts?

    Yes, this IR illuminator can work anywhere in the world. it does come with the US plug, but if you use a different plug in your location you can add a matching plug as an add-on. Here is a link to world-wide plugs.

  • does the light need to be directed to the specific area or does IR light bounce off the ceiling/walls? So will it illuminate a small room (10x15) or just what is in the immediate path of the light?

    For best performance the IR illuminatorshould be pointed to the area you need to illuminate. Think of it like a flashlight on the area, except you wont see it but the camera will.

  • Can this be set under a shelf to "conceal" it and still be seen by an overhead camera?

    Hello. This device could be placed under a shelf as long as the area to be illuminated is in direct view of the illuminator.

  • Hi there,im a wee bit confused,does this ir illuminator cube come with a camera ? Does the camera plug into the cube ? Or do you simply turn off night vision on your cameras and this adds light as described ? Sorry not good with tech stuff... Cheers Joel

    Thanks for reaching out! This IR illuminator does not come with a camera. It is meant to be used to enhance the low light visibility of a camera. For example, lets say you have purchased our weather station camera, but since this camera doesn't have night vision you struggle in low light. This cube when used with that camera will enhance the camera's ability to adjust to such low light. Your camera will see a light that your eye wont. Like an invisible flashlight.

  • What type of box do you ship—is your site name all over? What is the name of the sender on the shipping label?

    Hello. all our shipments are in discrete packaging and come from SSS Corp as the sender. There is no outside indication of the contents of our shipments.