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High quality 3.5mm headphones adapter for Android

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Need to plug a wired headset to your Android Phone?

You need this. Our high quality 3.5mm headphones adapter for Android, will help your Samsung or other android based phone use your favorite wired headset. While wireless headsets are very convenient there are many downsides to them:

  • They are expensive.
  • Batteries always die when you need them most.
  • Some workspaces will not allow them as they can cause interference with other equipment. 
  • They can affect headache sufferers and may even cause more headaches


Some phone recorders require the use of a headset jack. Now you can get around the android call recording restrictions and use a connected recorder to record your important phone calls! This adapter is small so you can carry it without the hassle and is compatible with any device using Type-C USB for headphones connection.



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