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Invisible Ink Pen with UV Light Secret Spy Pen Ballpoint

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Executive UV Pen or Spy Pen!

Ideal for any business man or woman, this stylish pen is fantastic for marking paper items with invisible notes. You can also use the UV light to aid in counterfeit bill detection, while ensuring to tag any high denomination bills with identifying notes. The UV ink allows you to make invisible notes, so you can use it to record and keep hard to remember passwords, or writing sensitive information.

If you have special forms and need to ensure that only originals are used, you can use the UV ink to place a unique identifier that will easily let you ensure that the document is legitimately an original. good to know

In retail spaces, you can outfit every cashier with one of these UV pen and light combos and give them a tool to spot check for counterfeit bills and after accepting $50 or $100 bills, they can simply write a their initials so you know who checked the note.

Other uses for this UV Pen:

Use with kids to write secret messages and add pop to scavenger hunts and other games. The pen can write an invisible message that can only be seen with the UV light. This all inclusive pen and light set is a great gift and yields hours of fun!

You can use the pen to mark coupons and other incentive documents to ensure they are not replicated or to identify the source of a referral!

UV Pen Features:

  • Easily create hidden marks on documents 
  • Use hidden marks to prevent counterfeit documents
  • Quick cash register spot checks
  • Excellent for keeping passwords hidden but written

UV Spy Pen Specifications:

  • Frame Color: Light Grey
  • Ink Color: Clear
  • Writing Point: 0.5mm
  • Fun to use with kids!
  • Button batteries come already installed!


Ask a Question
  • What is the play back made off it through mobile phone or laptop

    Hello and thank you for reaching out. Based on your question about the invisible ink pen I believe you are looking at the wrong product. You should check out our video pens and audio pens recording pens.

  • Can I replace the batteries for this invisible ink ballpoint pen.

    Thanks for reaching out and asking about this. The batteries in the UV marking pen are replaceable. Just unscrew the top and replace with 3 new batteries when the starter ones run out!

  • How long will this ink be reactive to the uv light before it disappears permanently?

    Hello and Thank you very much for your question and browsing Unfortunately, we have no idea how long the UV ink in this Invisible Ink Pen and UV light secret spy ball point pen will last/remain reactive to the UV light. If you have any more questions etc. please let us know.