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iPhone & iPad USB Adapter - iPhone OTG - Want to make your cellphone more productive?

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No Computer? Access your device recordings and more using this adapter!

No computer? You are not alone. Our cellphones can do just about anything, however if you have a spy security camera or voice recorder you might find your iphone or ipad just wont cut it. Until now. 

Our mobile OTG adapter works with any iPhone or iPad using a lightning charge connection. Simply plug the adapter to the charging port, open the native Apple FILES app, and plug in your device via USB to the adapter. 

You will be able to browse to your device just like you would at a computer. From there you can play video recordings, listen to voice files, and even manage the files!

Checking your voice recorder files and video recordings from any of our cameras is easy and fast. You can even use this adapter to connect game controllers, keyboard, mouse, and pretty much any electronic device with a USB. 

You may have a hard time using a computer, or just don't have one, or just want to stay off home and work equipment when spying, no problem! Play the videos from your hidden cameras and recordings from voice recorders on your phone using this mobile card reader... genius!

We have tried it ourselves and it works perfectly. You can play, delete it or store it for later review! You can also easily transfer files, documents, pictures and video from phone or tablet. You can even attach to emails, send by text, move files to GoogleDrive, iCloud or any other cloud service.

Compatible with Apple devices using the 8 pin lightning connector. A simple plug and play solution that will change the way you use your phone forever!

If you work on the go, you will love the flexibility this external drive will bring to your presentations and well... to your life! Have all your resources available in your pocket. Brochures, video presentations, power point presentations, proposals in word or excel formats and more are just as easily accessible. How about typing a full proposal using your phone? Yes, it can be done with this adapter. Simply plug a USB keyboard and now you can type your emails, proposals and more fast!

You will not only impress your client and your boss; but you will be so efficient you will have time to spare and treat yourself to some me time after a hard day at work, because you don't have follow up emails to send. You had all your supporting material with you and now you can chillax!

iPhone and iPad USB Adapter Features:

  • Compatible with Apple devices running iOS13 or newer
  • Ultra compact design - Sleek and Pocket sized
  • Reliable file transfer
  • Uses Apple's native FILES App
  • Easy file management between devices
  • Play, transfer, delete or back up almost any file
  • Connect any of these to your phone: voice recorder, camera, microphone, camera, keyboard, mouse, game controller, USB flash drive memory stick and more!

Mobile Phone & Tablet OTG Camera Adapter Specifications:

  • USB 3.0
  • File management, music play, video play , etc built-in
  • External memory expansion for any device - needs flash drive (not included)
  • Manage all your data directly on the ISO-device, android or computer
  • Playback video/music directly from external list
  • Document viewer for all major file formats
  • Voice recorder player
  • Dropbox, GoogleDrive, iCloud and other cloud support
  • 8 pin Lightning connector
  • Compatible with iOS13 or later

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