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GPS Tracking Units – Passive vs. Active

Q: What's the difference between passive and active (real-time) GPS?

A: A passive GPS is like a recorder. For the most part, it will give you the same information as an active GPS system; but you will need to have physical access to the vehicle to download the information to your computer. A real-time GPS tracking unit or active GPS device, will give you access to GPS real time tracking data as the vehicle is moving regardless of where it is physically located.

Q: Is there a price difference between active GPS and Passive GPS systems?

A: Yes, a passive GPS tracking system will not have recurring membership fees or activation fees. A real time GPS device or active tracking device requires a subscription in order to access the tracking information. Normally an activation fee and a monthly service fee applies.

Q: Can I place an active GPS tracker in the vehicle and forget about it?

A: Yes and no. It depends on how the device is powered. If the device is battery powered you can use the GPS console to track battery life. This way you can plan ahead when the battery is running low.

Q: Can I place a passive GPS tracker in the vehicle and forget about it?

A: No. You will always need to physically remove the unit from the vehicle in order to download the GPS tracking data to your computer. If you have hardwired the unit to receive power from the vehicle you do not need to worry about battery life, but you will still need to remove the unit to download the GPS tracking data.