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Air Purifier Hidden Camera - CLEARANCE

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Air Purifier Spy Camera

This real air purifier can clean more than air for you! Use it for fresh air and to catch thieves and unwanted visitors in the act. Our small air purifier hidden camera, easily blends into any environment and its air purifier design allows you to move it for optimal placement without raising suspicion.

The SpySite.com Air Cleaner Camera is a wireless hidden camera; always a fully functional air purifier. A simple plug and play surveillance system with a high quality CCD camera built inside. This hidden camera is preferred by parents across the United States and business owners because it allows them to easily and inexpensively monitor a room without significant changes to the décor of a room.

Inside the spy air purifier hidden camera is a concealed camera ideal for daytime surveillance. Some of the uses include:

  • Keep an eye on the nanny or babysitter when you're away
  • Secretly monitor activity in any room of your home or office
  • Suspicions of infidelity or extramarital affairs can be verified
  • Monitor actions of housekeeping staff
  • Business owners can keep an eye on valuable inventory, minimize theft and eliminate non-productivity.
Power and video connections are standard and compatible with most DVRs, NVRs, TVs and other electronics. To record the action just power and connect the video cable to your recording device.

Nanny Camera Features:

  • Color Camera
  • CCD High Resolution
  • Standard Video Compatibility - Use with universal DVRs
  • 110V NTSC Format
  • RCA video connector
  • Concealed Camera in a functional air purifier
  • Ideal for office and home.

Air Purifier Hidden Camera Specifications:

  • 92 degree field of view 3.6mm Lens
  • ¼ DSP B&W or 1/3 DSP Color CCD image sensor
  • 380 Color TV lines of resolution
  • 0.5 Color lux
  • DC 12V power
  • NTSC
  • Wireless: 4 Channels up to 300 feet range LOS 2.4GHz

Air Purifier Hidden Camera Includes:

  • Air Purifier Camera 
  • Power Supply
  • Receiver set

Note: For full functionality you will need a monitor and/or video recorder. This camera does not record on its own. This item does NOT have sound. This item is a clearance item. Sales are final. 


Ask a Question
  • Does this have audio and live video?

    Thanks for asking! The air purifier hidden camera does record video and audio, however it does not have live video and audio.

  • Is this Motion Detection Activated? Does it take a memory card? Up to what size memory card can it hold (128GB)? Does "Wireless" mean Remote Controlled or can view/control with an Iphone? Do you have any Specs available? Any additional information on it's function, use, etc.? Where is the camera Located. Is it 100% Covert or are the Control visible? Additional Pictures? Thank You.

    Hello and Thank you for Browsing Spysite.com and your question. This Wireless Hidden Camera Air Purifier does not use a memory card and needs a DVR or NVR to record too. It is wireless in that it sends the video up to 300FT wirelessly to the DVR or NVR and therefore it can not be controlled by a smart phone. The Specs are listed under the item on the web page for the item which is linked here also that also describe it's function and use. The camera and controls for it are 100% covert and not visible to passing glances etc. If you have any further questions etc. please let us know.