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Dead Ringer - Telephone Disabling Device

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No Incoming Calls? - Dead Ringer is to blame!

If your investigation calls for a little edge, you can reach out and grab the dead ringer telephone disabling device. When the device is installed in a single line telephone the phone will not ring even when calls are being made to that number.

The caller will hear the phone ring and ring but will get no answer since the telephone will remain silent. Even if the intended target has a voice mail, fax or an answering machine attached to their phone; the call will never be noticed and none of those devices will be triggered. It will be as if no calls are being made to that number.

On the other hand, outgoing calls are totally unaffected, making the target wonder why their phone doesn't ring. In investigations, this tools can prove useful if your target is awaiting a call and you need to disrupt that from happening.

Installation of the dead ringer telephone disabling device is easy as it installs anywhere along the phone line. It includes both a modular plug connector (to fit standard telephone jacks) and spade-lugs connector for installations in difficult to find locations.

Please use in accordance to all local, state and federal laws. 

Dead Ringer Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Small - only 2.5 x 1 x 0.75 inches
  • Compatible with single line telephones
  • Includes hardware for unconventional installations
  • Free water resistant storage case


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