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Smart Ring Wearable Technology

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White Size 12
Black Size 10
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Smart Ring Wearable Technology

If you want to impress, this wearable will do the trick. Small in size, but packed with enormous power, you can control so many things with your finger!

The Smart Ring can run functions for your phone, share data via NFC, and do alot of really cool things. Once paired, you can use the ring to lock APPs, run APPs, hide APPs, share your business card, internet links, send texts, and even share online files.

A sleek and smart design features medical grade titanium, its highly water resistant, and comes in so many sizes, you will be sure to find your fit!

Program lock : You can ensure that your phone will only unlock for you. This will sure keep crafty spies away from your private stuff! You can also select to lock only certain programs in your phone. This is very helpful if you tend to share your phone with your kids. Now they can no longer email your entire company by mistake. Yikes! 

Automatic Run : This convenient and fast feature allows you to select one or multiple programs and run the app automatically. Say you want music to start at 8am when you walk in your store. With automatic run, you can set this kind of functionality without much clicking or swiping.

Business card : Leave your contact information in style. Edit the content of your business card in the edit menu of “wireless magic card setting” and write in the content. When the back of the hand wearing the ring enters the NFC range of other mobile phones, the ring will automatically display and import a preset business card to that phone. It will even add your picture! How cool is that?  The first NFC device in the world which can share image and business card information is compatible with Android and WP mobile phones.

Whisper : You can edit the content of text in the menu of “Whisper” and write in the ring. Afterwards, whenever the user contacts the mobile phone using the NFC function, the mobile phone will automatically pop-out the text content. This product is the first device in the world which can add 6 images and 2000 characters to a piece of NFC codeword and enables “delete after reading” function, and is compatible with all Android and WP mobile phones. Now you can send sensitive messages and like in "Mission Impossible" set the message to self destruct.

Start hide : The highest level personal privacy protection. If you have things you dont want others to see or access on your phone, you will love this feature. You can hide any application in the mobile phone and run a hidden application by using the Smart Ring. Go ahead, share the password! they still cant see what you were doing.

Link sharing : Faster than social media. Share a web link by using the menu of “link write-in” and import to Smart ring, or by the explorer sharing function. Once set, whenever the user contacts the mobile phone with NFC function, the mobile phone will automatically pop out the content of shared pages.

Network disk sharing: User can click the sharing function of network disk, select “NFC shareport” to write in the Smart ring, and then touch the mobile phone of others. Any or multiple NFC phones will automatically pop out the reception prompt box of network disk file and others can choose receiving immediately or saving to their own network disks. There is not a limit of reception time, saving time, quantity or file volume.
The key of Intelligent door : One-key opening, convenient and safe. Use your Smart Ring as the key to an intelligent door lock. It supports most intelligent door locks of 13.56MHZ on the market, such as the Samsung series.
Screen unlock : Your Smart ring can be the way to unlock the screen of your mobile phone, it doesn't matter that your mobile phone already has other unlocking options, you can still set yourself apart from the crowd. (This function is only available in mobile phones whose Android ROM is not highly customized)


Outfitted with N X P NFC chip, there are two built-in NFC chip sets in the ring which are sealed inside the zircon/diamond and the other side of the ring. Each chip set can be programmed for different functions.  Made using only the finest metals, the Smart Ring features Titanium which is strong, anti-corrosive, non-darkening, allergen-free, and the only metal having no influence on the vegetative human nervous system. Coated with 18K Rose Gold (made up by pure gold, copper, silver and zinc) you can rest assured that your new piece of jewelry will be covered against tarnish or scratch.


  • Smart Jewelry Ring
  • Multi-function wearable
  • Ring Thickness: 1.8mm
  • Ring Width: 7.9mm
  • Dust proof and waterproof
  • Swarovski Diamond hides NFC chip
  • Compatible with android and windows phones
  • This is a market place product - extended fulfillment may apply.

Find your size:

Using a a thin rope or thread (non-flexible) tighten it around the finger you want to wear the device on. Mark the thread where the two ends meet around your finger. Then, straighten the rope and measure the length with ruler, and refer to the following table:

Measurement in cm 54 57.1 60  62.8 66 70
Smart Ring Size 7 8 9 10 11 12

Product Specifications:

  • Signal transmission distance: 1.5cm
  • Compatibility: Android and Windows phones
  • Technology: Near Field Communication
  • Size: American standard ring sizes
  • Utility Function: Altitude Meter
  • Material: Pure titanium black glaze/golden white enamel
  • Health Functions: Pedometer, Fitness Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Mood Tracker,
  • Reminder Functions: Message Reminder, Call Reminder
  • Action Functions: Answer Call, Dial Call, Remote Control, Push Message
  • Feature: Quick View / Quick Task Start / Privacy Protection / Waterproof Dust proof IP-68
  • Supported Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, French, German, and Norwegian



Ask a Question
  • How do we get a new NFC chip for the ring to work?


    You will need to make sure your phone or tablet has an NFC chip first. Then you will have to enable the feature if turned off. Download the app and follow the instructions for connecting the ring to your phone. That is it!