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Rearview Spy Sunglasses - See behind you!

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Rearview Spy Sunglasses - See behind you!

When looking for an easy way to increase your vision there is no better choice than our super spy rearview sunglasses.

Not only will these fabulous stylish glasses protect your eyes with 400%UV protection; you will find yourself noticing things that you never did. No one will be able to sneak up behind you without getting caught, that's for sure.

We have all heard our parents say "I know what you are doing! I have eyes in the back of my head." Now seriously, no one does; but while trying out these super cool sunglasses we realized that while we might not have eyes on the back of our heads: We can see what is behind us without turning around!

A simple slight tilt of the head gives you plenty of angle and a look through the corner of your eye will get the trick done. You are now equipped with a much more effective rearview that is less creepy than eyes behind your head.

Check it out! Makes an awesome gift for young and old. Awesome party favor!

Spy Rearview Sunglasses Features:

  • 400% UV protection to keep eyes healthy
  • See behind you magic lens filter
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Metal frame for durability
  • Lots of fun! 


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  • How do they work?

    Our rearview glassess are easy to use. Just put them on, look through the corner of your eye and slightly tilt your head to see more behind you.