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Visible Thief Detection Powder

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Visible Stain Thief Detection

The visible stain powder is a great tool for finding thieves and curious hands. Depending upon your particular situation, visible stain detection may be preferable to ultraviolet detection which requires additional hardware and contact supervision.

Visible stain thief detection powder is used to trap thieves by applying it to objects likely to be stolen. After the protected item comes in contact with the skin, the body's amino acids react with the powder, creating a highly visible purple stain which can last up to several days.

** Note: the stains may discolor the marked object. Non-toxic. 2 oz. container.


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  • Hi, What COLOR is this dust. Some 30 years ago I used a similar product which dusted-on "money green," but when activated by perspiration or water spread as a tell-tale neon green. What color is yours? That product was removable with scrubbing with a weak ammonia solution, or time (5-6 days). Is your product removable in the event of an inadvertent misuse?


    This poweder is purple to the eye before application and darker purple after a reaction. When applied to non-reactive surfaces is translucent. The product may leave stains on certain items like stones. On hands it will stain for several days and eventually wear off.