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Night Vision 4K HD WiFi Module Camera - DIY Security Camera & Spy Surveillance

Place this camera anywhere - watch from your phone!

Feeling creative? This DIY camera is a perfect security addition to your home or office. Stealthy enough so intruders don't spot it, yet you decide where it goes and how it looks.

This little wifi camera comes packed with most wanted features such as large memory capacity, remote live access, voice recording, and more.

When the right camera just doesn't seem to exist and you just have to make it, because you can.  This is the security camera features 4K Ultra High Definition video live stream with live sound and remote access. No cloud fees, ever!

Place it virtually anywhere. The imagination is the limit for most applications. Small to fit in snug places and powerful enough to catch the details you need. Great places to get you started: tissue box, crayon box, cereal box, fake plant, ceiling tiles and even car air vents!

See in low light conditions thanks to it's integrated IR that you will NOT see glowing red!

Full flexibility lets you decide how and where the camera gets placed, plus various power options allow you to create the perfect camera for any situation. Run it on batteries (a 10 hour battery is included) for a totally wireless operation or use the power supply and USB cable ( also included) for continuous operation. You can even use battery power packs supporting USB connection.  Run this system like the big expensive systems do but you will be doing it smarter and cheaper!

The standard 90  degree angle camera coverage is adequate to record in most rooms. Record with motion activation to avoid wasted recording space, since it supports up to a 128GB card (included), you will be able to record audio and video files for many days at a time! 

4K DIY Spy Camera Features:

  • 4 IR LEDs for night vision
  • 128GB memory included!
  • Memory consumption: 190min/GB (16 days)
  • Includes a 7 hour battery and power supply
  • 90° camera angle
  • Supports 2.4 Ghz wireless Wi-Fi network connection
  • Supports power supply for continuous operation
  • Recordings at 720P @ 10FPS .MP4
  • Record voice and video 
  • Can record without sound
  • View from your cellphone from anywhere!
  • Motion detection with alerts.
  • Time and date stamp
  • Time and date watermark

Spy High Definition HD DIY Camera Includes:

  • 1 DIY Board Spy Camera with 128GB memory card
  • 1 MSD Card Reader
  • 1 5000mA Battery
  • 1 USB Cable & Adapter
  • 1 Manual
  • FREE Tech Support

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