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Peephole Reverser - Door Entry Aid

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Know what's behind the door before you walk in!

You know those peepholes most front doors have? They are designed to let the person inside look outside without opening the door. What if, what you need is to look inside instead? With this peephole reverser now you can.

Works on most residential peepholes and can be calibrated to obtain a better view and detail during use. Simply place the peephole reverser over the existing door peephole, adjust focus if necessary and get a quick glimpse inside!

Ideal for investigators, law enforcement, foreclosure inspectors, and other jobs where you need to know what awaits you before you open the door. 

Portable and easy to use, you will be glad to have this little gadget in your tool bag next time you head out to an unknown address.

Peephole Reverser Specifications:

  • Works on most residential door peepholes
  • Works on some commercial door peepholes
  • Adjustable focus
  • Limited viewing range of approx. ± 15° through doors
  • Limited depth of view of approx 10 feet
  • Color: Black or Silver


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