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Shovit Tool Lock Smith Tool

Shovit Tool Lock Smith Tool


  • $ 995

Mini Lockout Tool

We didn’t invent this little tool, but we're proud to sell it. The “Shovit Tool” Lock Pick can open many door locks by using the old tried and proved credit card technique. Just shove the device behind the plunger and push down and forward, forcing the plunger back into the lock housing.

The Shovit Tool is easier and faster than picking the lock. Measuring only 10 ¾ inches this tool is small and portable.

The Shovit Tool Lock Pick is an inexpensive device that belongs in your tool box. A must have for landlords, locksmiths, fire and rescue professional, law enforcement personnel, and homeowners, specially those with kids!

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  • Full Hard Spring Stainless Steel
  • Non Slip Handle
  • Made in the USA