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Side View Smoke Detector Hidden Camera - CLEARANCE

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Best Room Coverage with a Hidden Camera

Discrete Analog technology that suits commercial and previous analog CCTV security set ups. High res CCTV cameras featuring the superb SHARP CCD board with ultra low lux sensitivity.

To operate the hardwired option, simply follow these steps:

  1. Plug the power transformer into a wall outlet for power
  2. Connect the camera video out connection with a video cable to the video input on your video recording device (not included).
  3. Position your camera with the help of a monitor or TV (not included)
  4. Engage your recorder in the recording mode.

To operate the wireless option, simply follow these steps:

  1. Plug the power transformer into a smoke detector and charge i.
  2. Mount the metal plate in the desired location - allows easy removal of camera for charging.
  3. Switch the camera to the ON position - the LED lights up.
  4. Connect the included receiver to power and the video input on your video recording device (not included).>
  5. Engage your recorder in the recording mode.

Recording could never be easier! Simple plug and play that is compatible with any video recorder supporting analog video signal in NTSC format. 

Side View Smoke Detector Features:

  • Color Camera
  • 78º Angle of View
  • High Resolution
  • Concealed Camera in a non-functional smoke detector
  • Wireless version transmits up to 300 feet LOS
  • Made in the USA

Technical Specifications:

  • Color Camera
  • CCD High Resolution Board
  • Standard Video Compatibility
  • 110V NTSC Format
  • Wireless version battery life: up to 6 hours
  • Wireless version: 2.4GHz

Side View Smoke Detector Includes:

  • 1 Side View Smoke Detector Color Nanny Camera
  • 1 12V regulated Power Transformer
  • 1 BNC-RCA adapter connector.
  • Wireless version also includes: wireless receiver
  • Remote Activated also includes: wireless receiver and remote

Alarm Sensor Hidden Wireless Camera Options:

Choose "Wireless" if you want a simple wireless camera that is always transmitting video to a recorder or monitor.

Choose "Remote Activated" if you want a wireless camera that turns on and off when you decide. Use a remote control to turn camera ON or OFF without having to remove the camera from its ceiling mount.

NOTE: This item is only the camera. It needs a video recorder for actual recording and needs a microphone for sound. THIS IS A CLEARANCE ITEM - SALES ARE FINAL


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  • Is thisa live view wifi,

    Thank you for asking your question. This smoke detector camera is not a WiFi type camera. It is an analog CCTV spy smoke detector camera. To see currently available WiFi smoke detector camera and surveillance systems please click here

  • Describe side view

    Side view means the camera is positioned on the side of the smoke detector, therefore giving a wider view of the room versus a bird's eye view from the top