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Smallest WiFi Camera for Hobbies and Crafts - The Affordable Solution

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Affordable Miniature Wifi Camera: Your Creative Companion for Kids and Hobbyists!

Unlock your creativity and capture your world like never before with our Affordable Miniature Wifi Camera. Designed with kids and hobbyists in mind, this pint-sized powerhouse is the perfect tool for crafts, small projects, and endless adventures. Get ready to embark on a journey of imagination and exploration with a camera that's as easy to use as it is affordable.

Key Features: 📷 1080P Video and Sound: Dive into the world of high-definition video recording with stunning 1080P quality. Every detail comes to life, ensuring your memories are captured in vibrant clarity. 

🌟 Wide-Angle Lens: See more of what you want, even in small spaces, the wide-angle lens that lets you capture more in a single frame. Whether you're documenting your crafts, DIY projects, or outdoor adventures, you'll have a broader perspective to work with.

📶 Wifi-Enabled: Seamlessly connect your camera to your smartphone or tablet via Wifi. This enables you to control the camera remotely, view your footage in real-time, and easily share your creations with friends and family on social media.

🧒 Kid-Friendly: The Affordable Miniature Wifi Camera is designed with simplicity in mind, making it perfect for kids to use. Its intuitive interface ensures that even young users can start capturing memories without any hassle.

🎨 Craft and Project Companion: Whether you're documenting your art and craft projects, recording science experiments, or creating DIY tutorials, this camera is your affordable companion. It's versatile and ready to help you showcase your work to the world.

Optimize Your Creativity: The Affordable Miniature Wifi Camera isn't just a camera; it's a tool for expression, exploration, and innovation. Let your imagination run wild as you document your hobbies, crafts, and adventures. With Wifi connectivity, you can share your creations instantly, making it easier than ever to connect with your community of fellow hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Experience the joy of capturing life's moments in stunning detail, and relive your memories with this budget-friendly miniature camera. It's the perfect companion for kids and hobbyists alike.

Get your Affordable Miniature Wifi Camera today and embark on a visual journey that will inspire, excite, and empower your creative spirit!"

HD Mini Portable Wi-Fi Camera Features:

  • Smartphone or Tablet Set up - You DO NOT need a computer!
  • View live video and listen from anywhere via Wi-Fi.
  • Supports up to 128GB memory card for lots of recording space
  • Records while plugged for long term recording and uninterrupted live view.
  • Uses a FREE APP for set up
  • Compatible with devices using Google Play Store and Apple APP Store 
  • Compatible with MAC and PC

Super Miniature Wi-Fi 4K Camera Specifications:

  • Viewing/Recording Resolution: 1080P
  • Video Format: AVI
  • Frame Number: 25-30
  • Lens Angle: 140 degree
  • Motion Detection Range: 6 meters LOS
  • Minimum Illumination: 5LUX
  • Battery Capacity: 90 minutes - 500mAh
  • Storage Temperature: -20-80 degree centigrade
  • Operating Temperature: -10-60 degree centigrade
  • Operation Humidity: 15-85%RH
  • Memory Card Type: MSD SDXC card up to 128GB
  • Memory Consumption: 7minutes/GB
  • Player Software: VLCPlayer/SMPlayer
  • Computer Operating System: Windows/Mac OS X
  • Mobile Phone Operating System: Android/iOS
  • Dimensions: 38mm x 21mm

Your miniature wifi camera comes with all these things:

  • Qty 1 Ultra Mini WiFi 1080 Camera with Night Vision
  • Qty 1 USB Cable 
  • Qty 1 Mount
  • Qty 1 Manual


Ask a Question
  • Can you view live video via a hotspot on an iPhone or is WiFi required?

    thanks for reaching out. This wifi mini camera is design to connect to home or office wifi networks and is also compatible with portable hotspot set ups using cellular SIMs.
    Some cellular phone issued hotspots may also work, but it is not a guaranteed compatible source. Cellular phone issued hotspots tend to have service non-reliable connectivity issues and not all devices will recognize them.