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Gifts for Small Secret Agents – Kids Spy Gear

Posted by Diana E on

Are you looking for a unique present for a birthday or the upcoming holidays that will inspire imagination and adventure in your favorite little ones? Spy Site offers everything you need to enable your smallest explorers and investigators to perform super-secret spy missions with our line of real spy gadgets for kids! Our spy toys promote imaginative playtime and critical thinking skills, allowing them to get creative and think big with their next mission


Spy Night Vision Googles

Unlike many “spy toys” found at big-box toy stores, Spy Site’s kids spy gear uses similar technology to real spy gear. One example is our Night Goggles – which use bright LED lights and blue-tinted lenses to enhance night vision; allowing them to explore after the sun goes down and conduct super-secret nighttime missions in the house or backyard!

Spy Video CarAre you looking for a particularly special Christmas present for an aspiring spy that stands out far ahead of the rest? Spy Site offers the ultimate in cool spy gadgets for older kids as well. Our Spy Video TRAKR remote video RC car allows for more “advanced missions” with this high-tech remote controlled car that allows you to see in the dark, map out paths and with downloadable applications online, the fun never ends! Video is recorded on-board with a full-color camera and audio recorder – making gathering your first surveillance easier than ever.

Whatever you’re looking for to make your little agent’s birthday or holidays extra special, Spy Site offers a wide selection of spy-themed toys and games for all ages! From fun novelties to real spy gear for kids, find something perfect today at our online store!

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