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January 14, 2013 2 min read

There are a wide variety of technologies available to the public to keep people around the world connected with each other. Unfortunately, it also gives predators quicker and better access to their prey, especially through the use of mobile devices. New technology also increases the ability for discreet communication of sometimes illicit activities. 

Spy Site offers a way to track the activity on Android smartphones and tablets, called eBlaster Mobile Software for Android. This software allows parents to monitor the activity on their child's cell phone or tablet discreetly. The application needs to be installed directly from the phone, but from then on out, the parent can view the usage from any computer with internet access. Information from the phone is sent to an email address the parent chooses and the type of information sent is also up to the parent.

The software has the ability to track cell phone location using a GPS locator, and the parent can even set up parameters, such as around the child's school; and send an e-mail when the child leaves those parameters. The software also sends copies of every text message sent and received on the phone, every picture taken with the phone, and every incoming and outgoing call made from the phone, along with talk times. This way, the parent can see who their child is talking to and what pictures and messages they are sending

This software can also be used when one spouse is trying to catch the other in the act of cheating. Couples often use the same computer at home, so computer monitoring software may be ineffective as the cheating spouse avoids using the computer. Cheating spouses prefer to use their smart phones and they know how to use them in a way so that their partner would not be able to find any indiscretions. Lovers names are easily changed to something else in the contact list, pictures are easily deleted, as are text messages, call logs and internet browser history. With this application, it doesn't matter if the information is deleted because all of the information gets e-mailed as soon as it is created. It's a great way to discover if one is being cheated on by providing hard evidence in black and white.

One of the best things about this cell phone tracking software, besides all of the information that's able to be gleaned from it, is that it runs discreetly. It does not show up in the phone's applications menu, so the one using the phone will never know it's there. This allows the installer to gather necessary information over whatever period of time needed without being discovered. Kids can be protected from potential predators and possibly even from their own harmful behavior without knowing they are being spied on, and cheating spouses can be revealed for what they are with hard evidence. Whatever you need to protect your children and yourself, Spy Site offers a full array of tracking and monitoring software and devices.

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