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Protecting Yourself This Summer

Posted by Diana E on

Summer is finally here – providing opportunities for family time and relaxation, maybe a vacation to an exotic locale or just a week at the seashore! But how can you be sure that your home is safe while you are away? If you are a parent, even more questions open up – how can you keep track of your kids who are at home all day?

Many parents will hire a babysitter or nanny to watch over their younger children during the summer while they are at work or on their own personal vacations. Even homeowners without children will ask a neighbor or friend to check on their property, water their plants, walk their dogs and generally ensure that their home is maintained in their absence. But even with the highest amount of diligence, things can go wrong – abusive child caretakers and robberies can still occur, putting your children and home at risk!

Teddy bear cameraOne option is purchasing hidden cameras for your home to monitor your home 24/7, so that even when you’re not there you can be assured of your home and family’s safety. These small, hard to detect devices can record hundreds of hours of video and come in several formats for different applications. For example, there are teddy bears featuring a hidden video camera that can be placed in your child’s room to monitor the activities of a child care taker; as well as multi-camera systems with digital video recorders to monitor your entire house at once. If a robbery does unfortunately occur at your residence; you will have the video evidence to help police find the criminals as well as documentation for insurance claims.

In addition to home theft, auto theft often rises in the summer, as well as overall automobile insurance claims. If you have an inexperienced teenager in the family, that can add another element of consideration. How can you track if your automobile is being used without permission? What if your vehicle is stolen? One solution to this is a GPS tracking device for you or your teenage child’s automobile that will track the time driven, speed, location and many other metrics that allow you to monitor how, where and when your automobile is being used. There are two varieties of GPS auto tracking – passive, where the device must be removed from the car to see the data; and active GPS monitoring which requires subscription to a vehicle tracking service. This service allows you to monitor the location of your car in real time; helping you recover a stolen car or making sure that your car isn’t being used against your wishes.

Making investments in security devices will help you save money by protecting your property, provide evidence for insurance claims, and ensuring the safety of yourself and your family – so that you can enjoy the summer worry-free!

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