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5 Spy Gifts for Christmas

Posted by Diana E on

The holiday season is just around the corner and Spy Site has the perfect spy toys for any young secret agent’s Christmas list. Boys and girls will love playing spy, but they’re going to need a few accessories to get started. Here are a few essentials for any aspiring spy on Santa’s nice list: 

Spy Video Trakr
Spy Video TRAKR

Secret agents need cool cars, so for the tech savvy kid spy, the Spy Video TRAKR is the perfect match. This intelligent RC vehicle comes with night capable video capacity and syncs with a computer to download dozens of free apps for creating programmable drive paths. Kids will have a blast building out their own map or using one of the pre-programmed ones. Santa wishes his sleigh was as sneaky cool as this car.  The Spy Video TRAKR is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Metal Security Detector
Metal Security Scanner

You can’t get anything past young detectives, especially not when they’re equipped with the Spy Security Scanner. This spy gear sounds an alarm whenever it detects a metal object. Have some fun hiding buried treasure in the snow for your young agent to discover or use it for security detail to investigate holiday visitors. Here’s the rub with the spy security scanner: this toy is so good at detecting hidden items that your young spy just might try to use it to guess what’s wrapped in next year’s Christmas presents. The Security Scanner is great for kids ages 6 and up.

Lie Detector KitLie Detector Kit

Finding out who ate the last of the Christmas cookies is easy when young detectives have a handy Lie  Detector Kit to use. The Lie Detector Kit has LEDs that light up when a suspect isn’t telling the truth. Secret agents will have a blast quizzing siblings and friends with this easy to use spy toy. The Lie Detector Kit is recommended for ages 6 and up.

Spy Recording Pen toy
SpyNet Voice Recording Pen

Ready young spies can tackle any mission with fellow agents with the SpyNet Voice Recording Pen. This nifty tool looks like an average pen, but will hold top secret message recordings. Young agents can record a memo for themselves or hide a message for a friend. Messages can even be downloaded on to a computer to save for later investigations. We’re pretty sure this handy tool is how Santa’s Secret Helpers help the jolly boss find out who is making the naughty or nice list. This Voice Recording Pen is great for kids eight and up.

Micro Ear Gear
Micro Ear Gear

Are those sleigh bells up on the roof? Did you hear a rustle from the fireplace? Secret agents with Micro Ear Gear will have no problem picking up faraway sounds with this sleek looking spy device. Young spies will love listening with the ear gear and using the extendable microphone to send notes back to fellow agents. It even comes with a flashlight for nighttime investigations. The Micro Ear Gear is the perfect spy toy for children 6 and up. has the widest selection in spy toys and private investigation equipment. Browse our store to see our complete selection of spy gear for kids.

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