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October 24, 2013 2 min read

In hunting, sound is almost as important as sight. The rustling of leaves as you walk can easily scare animals – but the sounds of their movement can tip you off to their location, making it easier to track down your targets. And just like how hunters rely on binoculars and powered scopes on rifles to enhance their vision, there’s a variety of hunting listening devices available to enhance hearing.

Action Ear Sport
One of our most popular items with hunters is the Action Ear Sport Listening Device. These comfortable earmuffs are attached to an omnidirectional microphone that is fully head mounted, allowing your hands free movement. This advanced microphone is combined with a unique stereo headphone system that allows for stereo sound output, allowing you to sense the direction in which sounds are coming from. The power of the sound amplifier can be adjusted, reaching a range of almost 100 yards and amplifying the sounds of wild game by 40 decibels, allowing you to seek out game with ease. Volume is adjustable to each ear and designed with overload circuits that prevent loud surprises. Powered by 4 AAA batteries, this device can be used for almost 30 hours continuously on one set of batteries, making it the perfect choice for long hunting expeditions.

Conventional surveillance equipment can also be re-purposed for hunters, giving them the advantage they need to track down their targets. Hidden video cameras can be discreetly planted to trees and foliage, allowing the hunter to scope out potential areas to set up in advance by monitoring the wildlife activity in a particular spot. Night vision hidden cameras are available for overnight surveillance as well.

A variety of spy audio recording equipmentand video surveillance cameras can be used to make your hunting expeditions even more successful. By allowing you to see more and hear more you can take on more challenging hunts. On your next hunting trip, try one of these nifty new tools – you’ll be amazed at the results!