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Spy Movie Trivia

February 19, 2016 2 min read

Spy Movie Trivia

Do you consider yourself a spy film aficionado? Do you find yourself fascinated by secret recording devices, watches that shoot lasers, luxury cars with amazing gadgets and thrilling adventures?

At Spy Site, we’re huge fans of spy movies – even if we deal with more practical spy gear than James Bond does. We look to these movies as inspiration for our products, and they remind us of what we love about spying and surveillance. Below are some tidbits from our favorite spy movie franchises - test your knowledge of spy film trivia with the following questions:

1) What A-List celebrity was the first choice to play the role of Jason Bourne in the The Bourne Identity?

2) How many times has James Bond resigned from his job?

3) Which James Bond film earned the most money?

4) What car does Ethan Hunt drive at the end of the film Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol?

5) Which actor from the film Enemy of the State turned down a role in the film, but was ultimately brought on board after a heart to heart phone call with director Tony Scott?

6) What James bond weapon was confiscated by US Customs agents during a promotional tour for the film?

Answers are below – no snooping!


James Bond

1) A: The first choice of the film's producers was actor Brad Pitt. He turned the role down in order to perform in another spy film, Spy Game. The Bourne franchise spawned four highly successful sequels, so it's a safe bet to say that he may have regretted his decision to turn down the part.

2) A: Bond tried to retire twice (On her Majesty's Secret Service and License to Kill and was once decommissioned (Die Another Day). Considering the success of the franchise, it is doubtful he will ever retire permanently.

3) A: The newest installment in the Bond franchise was also the most profitable. Skyfall had the highest gross profit of any Bond film, earning $304,360,277 in 2012.

4) A: The car he drives is the Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car. Amazingly, this is a prototype of an actual car that was set to be released by BMW in late 2013, but don't hold your breath.

5) A: Gene Hackman. Getting Hackman to join the project turned out to be a brilliant move on the director’s part. Will Smith only agreed to star in the film out of his desire to work alongside Hackman.

6)  A: The golden gun, from The Man with the Golden Gun, was confiscated from actor Christopher Lee in 1974 during a promotional tour for the film.

How did you do? Each correct answer equals one point. Use the following scoring rubric to grade yourself, and see if you’re truly a spying expert, a master of spy equipment and culture:

  • 0-1: Civilian
  • 2: Spy in Training
  • 3: Rookie Spy
  • 4-5: Professional Spy
  • 6: Master Spy

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