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Defensive Pepper Spray

April 25, 2016 2 min read

Defensive Pepper Spray

It is always better to be safe than sorry, and preparing yourself for a possible attack is the best way to ensure your safety. Whether you are a member of law enforcement, a mother, or an early morning jogger, arming yourself with pepper spray is a great preemptive defensive measure to take to ensure that you are able to protect yourself. There are a variety of convenient products available to ensure that you receive the effective pepper spray solution that is right for you.

KeyGuard Pepper Spray

Keyguard pepper spray
It is impossible to know when someone will pose a threat to you, and it is important to always be prepared in the event that it occurs. KeyGuard Pepper Spray is the perfect product to ensure you are protected. Highly portable, you can put it on your keychain and will have easy access to it no matter where you go. It also features a built in security measure to prevent accidental discharge. The unit locks when the lid is twisted – meaning it takes a quick but deliberate motion before it is able to discharge. KeyGuard gives you up to ten feet of coverage, which provides more than enough stand-off distance to ensure your safety while effectively neutralizing any threat.

Mace Hot Pink Purse Pepper Spray

Pink Purse Pepper Spray
Take advantage of the power of OC pepper spray in style with Mace Hot Pink Purse Pepper Spray. This device features a slim and discrete design that makes it perfect to carry in your purse or handbag. You gain the sense of security you deserve when you leave work late at night or find yourself in a quiet, dark parking lot. This product is capable of producing five blasts of 10% OC with an effective range of 10 feet. This powerful spray will disable an attacker and allow you to safely escape a threatening situation.

Mace Key Guard Mini Pepper Spray

Keyguard mini mace
We carry many things with us every day as we commute from home to work or school. Adding a sense of security to your everyday carry items does not have to be bulky or cumbersome. Carrying Mace Key Guard Mini Pepper Spray is one of the easiest ways to always have protection available. With 10% OC in such a small and effective delivery system, you can be guarded with the effectiveness previously available only in larger pepper spray units. This unit is capable of firing 6 short bursts at a range of 5 feet with a quick flip of a cap.

Sport Mace Pepper Spray
Mace Sport Pepper Spray

With an increase in interest in the negative impacts of poor health and obesity, more people are finding the benefits of outdoor exercise. Unfortunately, when you take part in jogging, biking, or other outdoor calisthenics, you put yourself in a vulnerable position, and it can be easy for a predator to take advantage of this. Mace Sport Pepper Sprayputs the power back in your hands. Featuring an adjustable hand strap, you are able to keep your pepper spray readily available during the course of your workout.

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