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XD-2i Explosives Trace Detector Review

April 01, 2016 2 min read

XD-2i Explosives Trace Detector Review

Explosives Trace Detection
The XD-2i explosives trace detectorprovides users with the ability to quickly detect commercial, homemade, and military explosives such as black powder, liquid explosives, nitrocellulose, perchlorates, and plastic explosives. The amount of time it takes to make detection can even be instantaneous, but the exact length of time necessary to make a judgment depends on the type of explosives detected. Here are some additional reasons why this is a great option for anyone in the security field:

  • The XD-2i explosives trace detector provides a quick answer to whether explosives materials are detected, and this is essential in a situation where every second may matter. It also requires no warm-up time, and it does not give false positives on items such as masking agents.
  • The portability of this trace detector also saves time as it can be easily and quickly moved from one area to another. It is lightweight, weighing in at less than two pounds. An additional perk, the XD-2i can be used by those without explosive detection training as the step-by-step instructions are simple and results are easy to interpret, which saves valuable time as well.
  • A waterproof carrying case is included with the XD-2i explosives trace detector. The product is powered by eight AA batteries, which are included. An AC power adapter or 12 volt power cord can also provide it with power, and those items are included as well.
  • This product can detect trace elements of explosives residue as well as visible (small bulk) samples. Dry and wet items can be quickly scanned such as liquids, mail, clothes, and vehicles. Its detection capabilities are not compromised by weather extremes such as high or low humidity, temperature fluctuations, or shifts in elevation. There is also no down time necessary when testing it for a variety of substances, one after the other or after a positive detection.
  • The detector has been evaluated by the Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Lab, and it has been used by a variety of military units, bomb squads, K-9 units, and first responders. It is able to detect all types of explosives on the government and military requirements list within 30 seconds.
Do you have experience with detecting bombs or explosives? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below!

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